Have you heard about Bitcoin? What about Litecoin, or Dogecoin? Do you know what these coins have in common? They are all decentralized encrypted currencies that allow for free instantaneous transfers of funds worldwide.

Why is this relevant to you? You may have noticed there is a stupendously large gap between the rich and the poor in this world. Centralized banking is a very powerful tool used by the wealthy to continue dominating a higher percentage of the global market. (More information on that can be found at the link below.)

Decentralized currencies are our key to nullify the effects of centralized banking. The amount of global support for these new systems is huge. There are so many local and international services and products available for purchase with encrypted coins.

We welcome you to step higher into your sovereignty and join us in being part of being part of the change we wish to see.

All the information you need to get started can be found below.


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