India is building up a strong ecosystem of SaaS today. SaaS is being considered as a potential growth option by companies at all levels. With the recent lockdown, technology has already made a space in most business operations. In this scenario, it is evident that software implementation is pulling off almost every task in the office quicker and more efficiently.

According to Financial Express, the Indian SaaS market is likely to reach $13-15 billion mark by 2025 from $2.5 billion in 2019. Some of the credit for this exponential growth can be given to the low hiring costs and readily available talent pool of engineers & customer service reps. A positive addition to this can be an increasing slew of investments in technology.

In the SaaS market, a large chunk of revenue is generated by customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM is one of the fasted growing software among the long list of software. Let me tell you, the CRM market is worth $44.64 billion today and shows no signs of slowing down. Experts have predicted that by 2025, the CRM market may touch the $80 billion mark, almost double than today’s CRM industry revenue. This rapid market growth is also due to the ease of learning and implementing CRM software.

But why CRM one may ask? Here are some statistics that can better explain the reason.
• 65% of professionals adopted CRM because of its ease of use.
• 27% of professionals chose CRM for scheduling management.
• 18% of professionals use CRM for its data snapshot capability.
• 64.2% of businesses find CRM impactful on their bottom line.

After implementing CRM, many professionals have realized that there has always been an invisible interstice in their business process, which has been filled by CRM now.
This realization is just not on the basis of people’s perceptions but statistics. Let me show you
• Around 74% of businesses enhance their relationships with customers after CRM implementation.
• 50% of businesses witnessed improvement in productivity.
• 65% of businesses increased their sales quota.

There is a never-ending list of benefits from CRM; else 13% of businesses would not have considered CRM as their top sales priority. From lead capture to lead engagement, everything becomes well-oiled with CRM.
Many companies want to implement CRM but are low on budget. Especially startups and SME’s are on the receiving end of this problem since there is no proper combination of a feature rich and affordable CRM. COVID-19 also added its bad influence on financials for every business out there.

Don’t worry! You can still get a CRM without burning your pockets. That is FinCRM. The one-day cost of using FinCRM is equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee. Yes, you heard it right. And the best part is you don’t have to compromise with the features at such a price.
You are getting automatic lead capturing, opportunity management, revenue forecasting, sales pipeline visualization, and many more. Just not this, a bonus that you get with FinCRM is integrated office management software. You get features, such as daily timesheet, knowledge base, task management, estimate & invoice, and the list goes on. What do you need more at the price less than a cup of coffee?

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Anchal Solanki is an engineer-turned-writer working with FinCRM Technologies. Technical and research writing is what she likes the most. You will always find her writing, reading, or learning social media marketing strategies. If you don’t find her doing anything out of these, she is definitely on her laptop learning new skills or roaming around to explore new places.