Spiders. Roaches. Ants. Worms. Snakes. Lizards. If all the hair on the back of your neck is not standing up now, you’re probably in the minority. There just aren’t that many people who like creepy, crawly things.

There are the insect collectors, and the snake lovers and people who just adore spiders, but for most of us, myself included, those critters are all pretty low on our list of favorite things.

Although I don’t love creepy, crawly critters, I can honestly say that I’m not normally scared of them either. My daughtersnake is a snake lover who kept a pet python for years. One night she neglected to tell me that the python had escaped from his tank, and I woke up in the middle of the night with my cat next to me on the bed, hissing loudly. I reached over and turned on the light, and on the floor next to my bed, rearing up and staring at me, was a snake! Not recognizing him in my moment of terror, I screamed. My daughter came running, and laughed like crazy when she saw the snake and I staring at each other. (That did not, by the way, endear my daughter to me!) As soon as I knew that the snake was my daughter’s I was fine, but had that been a wild snake invading my house, all bets would have been off!

Phobias about snakes, spiders, and all sorts of creepy critters are fairly common.

Many people look at a snake and for some reason assume that its’ skin is slimy (that’s not true!), and they find snakes repulsive and frightening. Lots of folks hate the ways snakes move, slithering from side to side, and the way they pull their heads back as if they’re about to strike. Keep in mind that I’m talking about tame, pet snakes here. Wild snakes would require a whole different (and much more scary) blog post. While snakes are definitely not my idea of the ideal pet, I received a thorough education on snakes from my reptile loving daughter, and even held and fed her snake from time to time.

I had a coworker that had a serious phobia about snakes. She didn’t even like to think about or talk about them, and needless to say, she certainly didn’t want to be near one. This coworker came to the house for a visit, and went to take a look at my daughter’s room. I had no idea about her phobia at this point. She opened the door to my daughter’s room, and I heard the loudest shriek I’d ever heard, as she came thundering (literally!) out of the room and slammed the door behind her. She had spotted the snake in its’ tank, and that was all it took to send her into a complete panic.

About ten years ago, when my son was still living at home, he decided that the perfect pet was a tarantula. I am NOT a spiderfan of spiders, but I tolerated his new pet because it was in a closed container. After the first couple of days, I never really thought about the tarantula, except when I could hear the crickets that it ate chirping..their last chirps! My mother came to town for a visit, and I had my son move to the couch so his grandmother could have a private room. She was getting ready for bed on her first night there when I heard her shout for my son. She had spotted the spider, and had no intention of sleeping in the same room with it, whether it was in a container or not. For the rest of her visit, the tarantula took up temporary residence on the top of my refrigerator.

The stories that I’ve been relating are sort of funny, although I’m sure that my mom and coworker didn’t think so at the time, but for some people with bad phobias about creepy, crawly things, that phobia can really impact on their lives.

If you find yourself struggling with a phobia over a snake, spider, or other critter, and would really like to rid yourself of that fear, EFT can do the trick! EFT is highly effective for phobias, and two or three rounds of tapping might make all the difference for you.

Tapping Script For Those With a Fear of Spiders

Karate chop:

  • Even though I think spiders are creepy and I don’t like to be anywhere near them, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
  • Even though the very thought of a spider getting near me or crawling on me makes all the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
  • Even though I’m scared to death of spiders, I’m open to considering that maybe tapping can help to get rid of that fear, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

Eyebrow: I can’t stand spiders
Inside eye: Thinking about all those legs makes me cringe
Under eye: I don’t like how they look or how they walk
Under nose: A spider could drop on me from the ceiling or crawl up my leg
Chin: It makes me kind of sick to think about that
Collar bone: Spiders are really yucky and I dont’ like them at all
Under arm: Those long legs and big eyes are so scary
Top of head: Icky, creepy, hairy, scary spiders…YUCK!!!

Eyebrow: Just thinking about spiders gives me the chills
Inside eye: I don’t want to be anywhere around them
Under eye: But maybe it’s time to start working on that spider fear
Under nose: I may never love spiders
Chin: But I don’t have to stay terrified of them
Collar bone: Maybe spiders aren’t really all that bad
Under arm: Starting to release some of my fear of spiders
Top of head: Letting that fear just drain out of my body.

Eyebrow: A spider is just a little tiny critter
Inside eye: And I’m a full grown adult…what is there to be afraid of?
Under eye: All that fear about a little spider is starting to feel kind of silly
Under nose: Continuing to let go of my fear of spiders
Chin: I still don’t have to like those critters
Collar bone: But I can see myself moving calmly away
Under arm: If a spider heads in my direction
Top of head: Replacing the last of my spider fear with an energy of calmness.

Author's Bio: 

Pat Burns is an EFT practitioner in Tallahassee, Florida specializing in working with those with self esteem issues, inner child issues and adoption related issues. Contact Pat at pat@seeking-serenity.com or visit her website at http://seeking-serenity.com.