Divorce is the loss of a relationship, and it's painful. You will go through a grief process that involves denial, sadness, and anger. Depending on your particular circumstances, recovering from the sadness and anger and moving into acceptance can take approximately one year. Once you have reached the stage of acceptance you may find yourself with a void; you're no longer sad or angry, so where do you go from here ? This is the point in your adjustment where a mental attitude shift is necessary if you are going to be happy as a single person. Included here is a list of mental exercises that will help you make that attitude shift in creating happiness after divorce.

*Set aside 5 minutes per day to think about things to be thankful for - bask in those feelings

*Develop an "attitude of gratitude"

*Make a list of successes, both past and present

*Decide what happiness means to you: more time, more money, more friends, fewer problems

*Think of the good things in your life that are taken for granted

*Take inventory of the little things that give you pleasure

*Look at the things you resent and how you can think differently about them

In order to create happiness, you must first decide what happiness means to YOU as an individual. Realize that nothing or no one can make you happy, and external situations can't make you happy if you have not made the choice to be happy. Regardless of external situations in life, we can create happiness by recognizing that it is internal, not situational. You will always have stress and challenges in life, and it is important to remember that situations are perceived through our attitude. Happiness is an attitude.

Regardless of external situations that cause stress you can create happiness in small ways by doing things that give you pleasure and enjoyment.You can achieve happiness after divorce if you decide to be happy rather than waiting for the situation to change.

Wayne Dyer,author of "Your Erroneous Zones" said "there is no way to happines - happiness is the way."

If you take the time to follow the mental excercises suggested here, and are willing to make an attitude shift, you can begin to create happiness after divorce. Following these suggestions will take persistence and effort; If you are willing to develop that persistence, it can pay off for you in ways that you may not have even thought of.

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