As I sit down to write this article I am plagued with questions. Not from you my readers but internal questions that float around in my head which I toss to God for understanding and clarity. When I say I toss them to God I don’t mean that I fall to my knees and pray asking “Why… Why… Why?”... I talk to God internally which means to say I tap into my own God Energy. Doesn’t mean I am God, but I acknowledge the small fraction that I inhabit within God’s celestial body. So I, as well as you, am privy to its infinite power!

The questions are rather simple ones, usually encompassing the normal questions of “Why do people suffer…” or “Why there aren’t any solutions to people financial woes other than the Modern Day Slave Wage…” yet I always get the same answer. People suffer because they want to, not because they have to! I am included within this equation as well. I recall Les Brown saying “The hardest part of me becoming a Millionaire was, believing that I could!” I may have mentioned that before but it is such a Powerful Statement! It’s Powerful because there is nothing getting in your way of being a success other than you! Not Your Job, Your Family, or any other “Circumstance” you can come up with.

About two, maybe three months ago, I tested a program on the Net to see if it would make me money. It did by the way, but it took some time and doing. But this is not the point I am making. Most programs on the Net can and do work! The thing is getting the people to sign up behind you. Herein is where most programs fail. They sell you on the aspect that they can make you money, and they even give you instructions on how to go and get people, but what they don’t tell you, is that you have to be an Extraordinary Sales Person to do so! But that’s not all… Even if you are extraordinary, there is no telling what story people may gravitate towards. And herein is where my point is made.

You see people don’t just buy products or services. People are not even motivated by money! If this were true then there would be more Rich People in our Society. People Buy Stories! This is evidenced in the Wealthy Ruling Class. If you look at the Forbes List of Wealthy People you will see that each person listed has a story that we all buy, or have bought, into! So much so that the story has become a part of our lives. Even if you only contributed $3 to the effort this week, the Forbes List of Wealthy Entrepreneurs, have millions of people contributing that same $3 dollars every week! And that type of Revenue adds up to the Billions! Do you know how they did it? They Created Windfalls!

Some of those listed have been in those top spots so long that you have forgotten the original stories behind them and you still patronize their businesses as part of your daily life! How many of you can tell me about the True Stories behind such Mega Brands as Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, or Target? How about McDonalds or Burger King or even, my favorite, White Castle? I am sure very few of us can! But you don’t really need to anymore do you? You just know that these companies are a part of your life in some way and you are compelled to support. Why? Maybe because your parents and/or even, your grandparents supported them! I only recently found out the stories behind Coke and McDonalds by watching CNBC!

Want to know where McDonalds’ biggest profit margins are? In its Coke products! That’s right! They buy direct from Coca-Cola the Syrup that mixes with the Carbonated Water that makes your favorite beverage and they pay literally pennies for the syrup per cup and charge at least a dollar to you and me! Wow! That is just genius! Some of you may be upset by knowing this but I’m not. Because quite honestly, that’s just Business, Great Business at that! But why get upset? What you are really paying for is the feeling that you supported the business you grew up on. Your parents bought McDonalds’ story long ago, hence they were a part of Creating the Windfall!

Let me tell you what story I got sold on when I tested out the aforementioned Internet Program… I was sold on it by a colleague of mine that posted a video talking about how a friend of his… brought him into the program after he set up the whole thing on his Smartphone! I was compelled to give it a try! And let me tell you It Was Easy to set up but if that guy did it on a smartphone then he was truly determined! What was more important is that his story sold! He started creating his windfall the first time he told that story to a potential client! You may wonder why this was so compelling to me. I can simply say that I don’t know many people willing to “Open” a Business Program on their smartphone and see it all the way to fruition! Plenty of people do business by smartphone but this was the first time I heard of someone setting up a business program on one. Very Interesting! This is the time we live in!!

This story is just one example of creating a windfall; however, it does not need to be your story that helps you create a windfall of your own. Not in today’s Age of Technological Advancements. What you can do to create your own windfall is simply giving people what they want! There are Thousands of Entrepreneurs out there searching for answers on how to Create Windfalls for themselves and their business. Some of them are trying to create stories for themselves and some are piggy backing other’s stories to generate leads for their business. Case & point when my colleague presented me with the Internet Opportunity, he did not tell his story, he told the story of another of his associates. And it worked!

Is that not Power Networking at its finest? And yet I am here to teach this to you through a Concept I call the Focused 7 for Creating Windfalls. Most people think that you have to come up with extensive Marketing Plans that will bring in the clientele to your product or service; but, what they fail to mention is that Word of Mouth advertising is the Number 1 form or advertising there is! Before the Internet became popular, one person could account for at least 8 people in Word of Mouth Advertising. Now, with the Internet, that number is about 33! That is more than triple the penetration! Check out this video on some exciting facts about the Power of the Internet. You should have a walking knowledge of this if you intend to Create Your Own Windfall. (

Now Do You Really Want to Create your Own Windfall? Then stop thinking in terms of future numbers and start thinking of the numbers that you have to work with right now! This is a numbers game ladies and gents and its time that you learn to play the right way. Have you ever heard of the Six Degrees of Separation? Not the Movie starring Will Smith but the actual concept? It states that you are only six people removed from knowing everyone in the world. Same thing with the Focused 7 concept… my concept says you only need Seven Individuals just as hungry as you are to create a perpetual windfall for yourself and your future! And each of those Seven, need Seven, and so on and so forth. Seven people to create a Virtual Success Wall that borders the Internet! Because let’s face it… If you have an Internet connection and are not making money, then you are crazy!

That’s it! No long drawn out spiel about the Focused Se7en or any programs to buy! Just that simple Mental Concept! I take my hat off to people who already know about how to leverage this simple plan and have derived more from it by creating their own concepts and pushing them. The concept existed long before I chose to lay it out here. And it will continue to exist whether you or I put it into action! There are many of us out here! If you want to know more about what I do or more about taking action on building your Power Network then I encourage you to view my profile and give me a call direct! One 20 minute call, if that, may change your life!

As Always I Wish You

Success & Nothing Less!

C. F.

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