Poor titles will keep you poor. Now, that's a pretty powerful statement isn't it?

It really doesn't matter how good you are, the first thing that people read or hear is your title. It will immediately get them to click to get more information or they will simply delete.

You might have the greatest program or product around; you might be so passionate to help people and have the best signature system, but if they don't get past the title it hardly matters.

When you think about it, titles are more mindset than writing ability. You can train yourself to really understand the power of an awesome title.

Focus on one key thing about your potential client. That is the result they want. What is the end result this client wants?

You do not want titles that talk about your process. People don't care about the 'thing' that you do. These titles will not sell.

People are attracted to you when you talk about the problem you can solve for them. What is going to be their end result?

Keep in mind you are in the business of coaching. You are not simply a coach. You want clients and revenue flowing to you, because you are in the business of coaching.

What you focus on expands right? So if you are focusing on your process and trying to sell coaching, this isn't going to work out well for you.

You can train yourself to focus on the results. This is a learned skill. When you can focus on the bottom line in your title that is what will expand, which is what you want.

Here are 4 quick tips to be sure your title is worthy. You want your title to include all four of these, not just 2 or 3.

1. Your title must have a practical, measurable benefit or result.

2. Your concept should be very clear and there should only be 1 concept.

3. No jargon or lingo. Keep it clean and clear.

4. You answer the question of why. Why should someone buy from you?

Don't worry about if you title feels too long. Long titles are a-okay. In fact, it may be hard to get all four points in if the title is too short. I also suggest you not use metaphors in your title. It is too hard to get your point across to others, even if it feels very clear to you.

Here are some ideas of words you might want to include: free, strategy, discover, tips, simple, quick, proven, now, decrease, increase and mistakes.

If you are selling a higher ticket item you might want to include words like: premium, VIP, high end, platinum, personal, diamond, premiere and elite.

Using numbers can be very powerful but make sure you use the numeral, don't spell it out. If you do, it loses its power.

If you can keep your titles descriptive, juicy and compelling you will have more success in selling what you are offering.

It's good to get feedback from others regarding your title. If you say to them "What do you think of this title? Do you like it?" you probably won't get the answer you were looking for. You will probably hear "I like it, I think it's great" and that's about it. That is not helpful feedback for you. Maybe no one wants to hurt your feelings.

Try this instead: "When you read this title is it something you would want to know more about?" "Is this title something that might motivate or inspire you to find out more about my program?"

These last examples basically will elicit a 'yes' or 'no' answer. You are much more likely to get an honest answer here, without them worrying about hurting your feelings.

These are just very basic ideas but I hope it helps you create excellent titles that will get people to pull out their wallets and purchase from you!

ACTION STEP: Look over the last few titles you have written whether it's for a program or product or even writing an article. Does it answer all 4 points? If even one is missing, then tweak it until all four can be answered.

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