Targeted email marketing campaigns dont need to be expensive and arent exclusively for the big boys. It doesnt have to cost money to use these simple ways of segmenting your list.

We know how measurable the results of email marketing campaigns are, so we already know who is opening your emails, following links and generally following through on calls to action. This is a clear signal that they are happy to get emails from you. This is the group you should contact most often.

So, if we know who is responding to your emails, we also know who isnt. What can you do to win them back? It will surely be easier than having to find new customers. How about sending them your best offers yet? It is also possible that something your company has done or something about previous mailers has turned this customer off. The only way you will find out is by asking them.

Spend time analysing results from customers who have been on your mailing list for longer. What sort of opening rates are you seeing from this group? Is there a lower rate than other customers? Why not try and give these guys a little bit of a surprise? If engagement is dropping off that is probably because they are finding your communication predictable. Break out of that pattern to get their attention again. This gives you the chance to nip this trend in the bud before you have many more inactive members to deal with.

Time on the mailing list is important at both ends of the spectrum. Obviously you want to separate new subscribers to give them a welcome email, but it is also worth asking yourself how much they know about your company? If the relationship starts well then it can bear fruit for many years, take this chance to stand out from other mailing lists they may be on.

These are all very simple ways to segment your mailing list. Giving each group specific attention will pay dividends. You should also think about questions you are asking users when they first join your mailing list. If you ask too much there is a risk that the customer wont complete the registration, yet if you have enough information to further profile customers you can ensure that the emails you send them are more targeted. Even basic information on age, gender and geographical location can be valuable. You dont need to try and get everything at the outset either. As time goes on you can engage customers with surveys and questionnaires to learn more about their needs.

There is no doubt that more targeted email marketing activity can be simple and need not cost any more than less effective, scattergun approaches. The rewards are there for marketers who are willing to take the time to design more targeted email marketing campaigns.

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