In these challenging economic times the word “Abundance” seems obscure. Why is that? Is it because we only associate abundance with money? Webster defines “Abundance” as “fullness to overflowing, a great or plentiful amount.” So what does abundance mean to you? Once you define “Abundance” in your own terms, then the door is open to creating it in your life. How do you go about creating this? The first step to attracting abundance in your life is to check in with your “self-talk.” In other words, what is the “mind chatter” exactly saying? The power behind our thoughts and words is the defining point between attracting and repelling experiences in our life. For example, if you honor your worth and time, give and receive freely, and open your heart, you will begin to attract all that is good and abundant into your life. On the other hand, not honoring your worth and time, not being open to receiving and giving, and closing your heart is the exact countermeasure or repelling thought process to creating abundance in your life.

From a Feng Shui perspective, abundance can be represented by any one of the Guas in the ba-gua template. Again, we revisit the question… What does Abundance mean to you? If your answer is Wealth, then several “Power Points” can be evaluated within the structure. The most simplistic approach is to evaluate the Wealth (Southeast) and Near Wealth (Northwest) portents. These two areas act as polarities to one another and should be balanced with the appropriate elements and symbols of prosperity. The Southeast area of the outer landscape should present with year round vegetation, be well maintained and have activating qi components such as a bird feeder, bird bath or wooden chime. Enticing qi in the Southeast area of the yard activates abundance on a social level. Internally, the Southeast portent should exude a bright, lively feel with plenty of wood and water elements by way of healthy and vibrant plants, to a fountain of flowing water, and any symbol that represents abundance to you. The polarity or Near Wealth portent (Northwest) should house plenty of earth and metal elements. This is an area of networking and mentorship. There is always a person or group of people who provide guidance and assistance for us in life. No one ever achieves success on their own.

On a deeper level of feng shui we can begin to examine additional points of prosperous energy within the structure. Assessing the Na jia Method (advance 24 portents) can locate up to four additional sheng qi points (generating breath for good fortune/prosperity) within a structure. By incorporating the proper element (supportive) one can open up and influence fortuitous energy within a space. This technique bodes exceptionally well when the birth date of the structure is unavailable. This method supersedes the Bazhai method which is only capable of finding one sheng qi point.

When the birth date of the structure is available, then Flying Star method should be employed. In this advance method time and space are taken into account. Locating the present water star (8) within the structure and supporting it with the proper forms (activity, windows, doorways) especially moving water, will effectively propagate wealth. Secondary wealth points in this method are also available and by enhancing all of these power spots one can dramatically improve “Abundance” from a wealth initiative. Taking into account the obvious like clearing clutter and repairing anything that is broken or that no longer serves a purpose in your life, are also important factors to consider.

On a subtle level, paying attention to how you handle your money on a daily basis is also a contributing factor in attracting wealth-abundance into your life. Respecting your money by placing it neatly in your wallet, paying your bills on time, and keeping your financial records organized says you care. If you choose to neglect your money, then you are in fact telling the Universe to let money neglect you.

Abundance can take on many meanings besides financial wealth. Should your directive be family, love, laughter of good friends, or experiencing your soul’s mission in life, then your “self-talk” should reflect that. Connecting to your space by way of proper symbols and elements in the East, Southwest, Northwest and South respectively awakens these areas of abundance within your space directly impacting your behavior and ultimately you attracting this type of abundance into your life.

The most profound way to experience abundance is to live generously and allow it to flow through your life and not just into your life. When we give we make room for even greater abundance to flow into our life. Showing gratitude on a daily basis for the abundance we do have in our life will effectively magnify this energy and more good things will come your way, including finances. Essentially, the more we are able to experience the prosperity that is already present in our lives, the more readily material blessings will show up.

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Mary Jane Kasliner, a former health care provider, has trained at elite feng shui schools world-wide including the New York School of Feng Shui and the London Institute. Her studies include Geomancy, Classical, Form & Natural Feng Shui, Western Astrology, 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology, Dowsing, Earth Alignment, Space Clearing, Qigong and Yoga. She is the founder and director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui , a Gold Seal School for the International Feng Shui Guild, and President of Body Space Alignment located in Ocean, New Jersey.

Mary Jane has received word-wide media coverage by the Associated Press for her work and is the feng shui expert for Lasting Lifestyles cable television talk show. She is the author of "The Feng Shui Connection To a Healthy Life","Love, Happiness and Feng Shui, and Feng SHui Designs in a Flash E-kit. “ Mary Jane is a Red Ribbon Professional of the International Feng Shui Guild and member of the national Feng Shui Association. Mary Jane can be reached by visiting her website: