You can create a wealthy money mindset even during a recession. It involves two simple things, attention and imagination. By using attention and imagination you can change your brain patterns to reflect that of a wealthy person.

Here are 5 ways you can create a wealthy money mindset:

1) Visualize your future

2) Make yourself feel rich

3) Start tithing

4) Educate yourself

5) Spend time with wealthy

Visualize your future
Visualization is a popular technique that many people use to apply the Law of Attraction. It is really a combination of attention and imagination. You spend some time on a regular basis putting your attention on the situation that you want in your life and imagine that it is really happening.

When you start practicing visualization, you must also keep the majority of your attention throughout the day on what you want, rather than what you don't want. Most people forget to do this and then wonder why their visualization isn't working. The key word here is "majority."

Make yourself feel rich
Another effective technique for creating a wealthy mindset is to do things that make you feel rich. Get into the habit of thinking like a rich person. How do they think? Well, for one thing they don't go around saying "I can't afford it." They bargain shop just like everyone else but they buy what they want because they know they can afford it.

You can practice this way of thinking by pretending you have all the money you want and go shopping. Pick out things that you like rather than what you think you can afford. Then instead of purchasing the items, decide that you aren't going to buy anything that day. Another way to do this is to test drive a luxury car, try on a fur coat or plan a luxury vacation. Just make sure the activity gets you into a rich-thinking mode.

Start tithing
Tithing is a great way to create a wealthy mindset because you can start right away with any amount that's comfortable. The other great thing about tithing is that it impresses your brain cells with the concept that supply is unlimited. Thinking that you have enough money to give away because more will come in, is thinking abundantly. It's one of the joys of being rich, as any wealthy person will attest to.

Educate yourself
Educating yourself about money matters is something often overlooked but can be a very powerful technique for creating a wealthy mindset. The more you know about money matters, the more confident you will be in handling money. As you gain confidence to handle small amounts of money, you will attract opportunities to handle larger amounts of money. And as you attract more money, you will have the knowledge necessary to handle more. Otherwise you won't be able to keep the money you attract.

So many people attract lots of money but are still near broke all the time because they never studied how to manage money. Don't be one of those people. Educate yourself.

Spend time with the wealthy
Lastly, spending time with the wealthy can develop your wealthy mindset further. If you don't know anyone you can just hang out with," find a successful person and take them out to lunch. You'll be amazed at how much they will share with you about being successful for a token lunch ticket. You can ask them how they achieved their success and what advice they have for others. You will get a first-hand education!

If you can't do that, then go to live seminars of successful people, or listen to their recorded programs, teleseminars, etc. There is so much available online. Everyone has their story and something valuable to share.

These are several ideas you can implement to create a wealthy money mindset. Use your imagination to think of other ways and don't give up. You can do it!

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