Create the perfect nutritional plan in 7 steps

The development of a personalized nutritional plan is the foundation of every nutritional coach. Here we show you how to create your own nutritional plan adapted to your goals and predictions following 7 steps and without the need for theoretical knowledge. For this we have developed an agenda that will serve as a simplified guide for the development of a nutritional plan.                                        

  1. Calculation of total energy expenditure                        

The starting point for the development of a professional nutritional plan is the calculation of your total daily energy expenditure.

Baseline metabolism 

Basal metabolism is necessary for all vital processes in our body to occur normally (cardiovascular system, organ function, etc.). It depends on characteristics such as age, sex, height, weight, muscle mass, etc.

Spending for physical activity

The expenditure for physical activity is calculated on the contrary based on our level of body activity. Those who exercise a physically demanding profession and also do sports will have a significantly higher expenditure for physical activity than someone who works in an office and who uses their free time to relax. The initial caloric level necessary for the preparation of a nutritional plan can only be calculated based on individual caloric expenditure. These values ​​will then serve as a fixed starting point for further steps.

Note: basal metabolic rate + physical activity expenditure = total metabolic rate in kilocalories per day

The calculation of the personal total metabolic rate can be determined following different formulas or processes. But we take care of it for you! Thanks to our calorie calculator you can directly enter the relevant caloric amount for your daily expenditure. Enter your data and calculate your caloric expenditure based on your goals.                                                                                        

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If you are looking to develop your muscle mass in an effective and lasting way, it is important that you increase your protein consumption by resorting to quality protein sources. In the event that you cannot cover the increase in your protein need through diet, we recommend our protein products that will help you achieve your goals. Curious?

2. Definition of goals and caloric needs

Once your total metabolic rate has been transmitted to you, it is time to define your goals. When preparing the nutritional plan, the fact that you have set muscle development or weight loss as a goal plays a determining role in the estimated total caloric amount. We have maintained the recommended total calorie amounts for each specific training goal. These can be used to prepare the nutritional plan corresponding to each objective and serve as a starting point for the next steps to follow.

  • Muscle development goal: Caloric surplus(Total metabolic rate + 300-500 calories)
  • Muscle mass gain goal: Caloric surplus(Total metabolic rate + 500-800 calories)
  • Weight loss goal: Caloric deficit(Total metabolic rate - 500 calories)
  • Muscle definition goal: Caloric deficit(Total metabolic rate - 300 calories)


A man who measures 1.90 and weighs 81 kilos wants to increase his muscle mass. His calculations indicate a total metabolic rate of 3,200 calories. To reach your bodybuilding goals, you should be consuming 3,700 calories a day in the future (500 calories surplus) so that your body can have enough "building blocks" for the development of new muscle mass. The additional step for calculating the necessary addition or subtraction from the total caloric amount is no longer necessary. Our calorie calculator performs a calculation with the data necessary for your goals and provides you with the "final" caloric amount needed.

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