Whether it is a powerful career, financial abundance, better health or a fabulous relationship, what is most important in achieving what you desire? Many of us look to the how as the most important component to creating the life of our dreams. I’d like to offer another perspective.

Get clear. The real key to creating the life you desire lies in the clarity and strength of your dream or vision. When you create an abundant garden, you have to plant the seeds first. The seed is what holds the plant. The plant is not actually in the seed, but it holds the potential to grow into the plant. Your seed is your vision. The clearer you are with what you are growing, the more you harness the law of attraction or the quantum field to grow your vision into your reality.

Let go. It is important that you let go of all of the excuses and reasons that are holding you back and focus on your desire or vision. Remember, what you believe you receive. If you believe you cannot, you will succeed at that. If you believe you can, you’ll succeed at that. Either way you will succeed. Weed your garden by letting go of your limiting beliefs. Feel what it will be like when you are already where you want to be. See it already happening.

When the vision is clear enough and you have let go of all of the excuses and past wounds that are holding you back (the weeds in your garden), the how always works itself out.

Be patient. Let go of trying to force it to happen. If you dig up those seeds looking for growth, you will be sure to kill them! Hold true to your vision and detach from the outcome. Just as you trust that the plant will appear, trust that your vision will manifest and allow it to flow to you, accepting what shows up. Pay attention. It might not look like you thought it would!

Take action. When people and opportunities begin to appear, commit to doing what’s necessary to make it all come together. Don’t expect it to just happen. Everything takes action. Stay clear, stay focused and move forward!

Take Action Now!

1. Write a sentence in the present tense stating exactly what it will be like when you achieve your desire. An example could be, “I now receive assistance and cooperation from all those people necessary to achieve my desired results”. Read it or say it every day, several times a day.
2. Watch for excuses, negative beliefs and righteous attitudes that will sabotage your success. Look for the weeds that will take the life force from your end result.
3. Let go of the outcome. Stop trying to control, manipulate or insist that it look a certain way. Go with the flow.
4. Pay attention to what shows up and act upon it, one step at a time.

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