Realtors or real-estate agents rely on a more personalized face-to-face experience, but these conversations can be difficult for certain clients or realtors as either party could be put-up at different locations. For home-buyers in competitive markets, buying real-estate can be quite taxing, and realtors have to come up with various innovative ways to serve clients as competition sweeps across the US.
Thanks to cutting-edge video conferencing, realtors and home-buyers can leverage a win-win situation in terms of taking home tours or completing buying or selling formalities. Fortunately, video conferencing is a key solution for realtors or home-buyers that can be leveraged if they are unable to make it physically to the real estate location.
iFMeets, iFLearn, and iFCloud can be leveraged as an online or browser-based communication & collaboration software suite that provides video conferencing, cloud storage, and webinar solutions for realtors to boost their presence, sales and garner a higher ROI.
With specific challenges, realtors and home-buyers need to shift their focus toward embracing technology.
Embrace the power of virtual meetings to bring clients face-to-face.
Real-estate agents can bridge the gap by giving home-buyers a complete perspective of the real-estate with video conferencing solutions. Home-buyers can join in from wherever they are, be it – current homes, workplace, or on the go. With high-definition audio and video, and other video conferencing features like HD Screen-sharing, meeting or presentation recording, cloud uploads, whiteboard, transcripts, webinar hosting, etc. video conferencing gives home-buyers and realtors the leverage of convenience and flexibility through multiple locations. Through HD secure screen-sharing, realtors can show share important documents for perusal viz. extracts, sale deed, a general power of attorney, building plan, etc.
Using the cloud to streamline your files and documents.
Real-estate agents can leverage the power of cloud applications to simplify their data setup with secure cloud storage. With important files like home or real-estate photos, legal documents, excel files, etc. real-estate professionals can streamline day-to-day activities with data storage, access, and sharing from anywhere, and anytime. Collaborate with other real-estate professionals or share data with your internal team to collaborate quicker, better, and garner positive outcomes & success in the real estate industry. With complete desktop or laptop sync capabilities, realtors can sync every piece of information to their mobile devices. Realtors and home-buyers can harness the potential of the cloud to leverage digital signatures to sign important real-estate documents like sale deed, building plan, power of attorney, etc.

Take buyers on a home reality tour through high-definition audio and video conferencing.
Thanks to video conferencing software, real-estate agents hold great potential to sell homes to buyers easily and quickly. With this trend on the upswing, buyers can leverage real-time conferencing with HD audio and video for complete house tours, and record the complete walkthrough for buyers to peruse in the future. With VR in the picture, few realtors use this feature to show luxury properties. Today’s virtual home tours have witnessed a strong video conferencing dependence to bring buyers face-to-face and get them their dream home.
Run your real-estate team meetings with video conferencing solutions.
You may want to huddle with your team for an internal team meeting, and keeping your business going in a time of unprecedented crisis requires video conferencing to enable team members to collaborate on targets, pricing, new projects, legal procedures, etc. Conducting engaging webinars on new real-estate selling strategies, expert realtor tips, integration of technology in real-estate, etc.
Educating clients on video conferencing would be a great step to facilitate buying.
Some of the buyers may be familiar with video conferencing technology or software, but many are yet unfamiliar with these platforms. Educating them about video conferencing before the actual project begins. You might have to educate buyers on how to operate the platform using various devices viz. smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Downloading an easy-to-use app on Android or iOS devices to begin video conferencing, but there are a plethora of other features that buyers need to get educated with viz. whiteboards, meeting recording, screen-sharing, transcripts, annotation, presentations, etc.
Boost your customer service with video conferencing solutions.
Enhance your customer service as a realtor by reaching out to buyers and sellers every week with video conferencing solutions. Using a unique QR code that identifies your brand or service, real estate agents can get their QR code printed and published at various places for quick communication and collaboration. Being proactive with your buyers or customers each week by scheduling virtual meetings, and facilitating communication show you’re interested in getting them their dream estate with a professional outlook and digital collaboration.

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Both the parties – buyers and real estate agents need to be open to change as it would take a lot of time to get back to the ways it was before. A lot of real estate agents in the United-States are embracing or have already embraced video-conferencing for listing and buying consultations. There will be virtually more home showings in the future for both – in-town and out-of-town buyers and sellers.

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