One of Craniosacral therapy’s most frequently appreciated qualities is its capacity to rapidly resolve some problems that babies have. To find out more, the best way is to talk with people who have already brought their child to a Craniosacral therapist. Some of the difficulties that babies can have are due to the compression the baby undergoes during birth. Parents are frequently relieved and amazed by the improvements resulting from Craniosacral sessions.

As a result of the contractions and passage through the pelvis and the birth canal, babies get very compressed during birth and this can displace things in their bodies. The relatively soft bones of the head move during birth but don’t always return to an optimal position, leading to a variety of difficult conditions.

Caesarean births and those involving forceps or suction are more likely to lead to symptoms. These are often immediately obvious but sometimes don’t develop until later on. Craniosacral therapy can be beneficial to all babies including those who have had problem-free births.

Babies can’t speak but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with them. Parents often understand a baby’s non-verbal communication. The therapist’s appreciation of what things are like for babies plays a big part in the treatment. CST is effective for both children and adolescents.

What happens at birth can be a factor in some adult physical and psychological conditions. Treatment of young children may be helpful preventively. Health problems in adults which are linked to their birth or very early experience may be addressed. All Craniosacral therapists work with symptoms related to birth and some have developed this into a speciality.

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The founder of Holis Wellness Studio, Evelina Bolognini is a second generation bodyworker and has been devoted to holistic therapy since childhood. Following in the footsteps of her father, Evelina has studied a wide range of therapies in her native Italy, as well as in the US and Costa Rica. Holis Wellness Center is the result of over 20 years of passionate study, research and professional experience.

Evelina''s therapeutic approach relies mostly on Myofascial Release and Osteopathy techniques such as T.R.O.A. (Terapia Reposicional Osteopatica Autonoma) and Cranio Sacral therapy. During the last 2 years Evelina has been studying D.E.I. (diagnostico Energetico Integral) the first kinesiology in Latin America, with DEI founder, Elsa Am at Instituto Viento Solar. Evelina is also the founder of Essenthya Skin Care Food , a holistic skin care system aiming to educate about simple and effective ways to take care of our skin.

In 2007, Evelina decided to become a Pilates instructor mostly because practicing Pilates helped her neck to recover completely from a herniated disk. Since then she observed how helpful practicing Pilates is to relive pain as much as enhancing healthy bodies performances and posture.