The time when having a great idea was enough to run a successful company is long gone. In today's world, having a fantastic idea and marketing is still not a guarantee for success because we still lack the most important thing – a highly skilled team.

Having competent people in the right position could be the missing link of any business struggling to reach global success. And although most people believe that a great CEO will lead the company to glory, don't forget a great dev-team can make the difference. Think about the early days of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Unfortunately for me, I learned that the hard way. I assumed for three years that I could do without trying to create a successful business. So I wasted valuable time and money before realizing that I still needed a great development team. I learned this when having an extensive conversation with Saleduck's CEO, Sjoerd Copier. Who is moving in the right direction, and today is operating very internationally in 13th countries.

It is a developers' job to create a much-needed technological competitive edge and ensure that the company always has the latest and best technology. However, given the position's high-demands, every developer has to take a break and go on a vacation. And while taking some off time is almost impossible due to today's COVID situation and the startup's living space. A developer still needs to find a way to relax and do his job at the same time. The best way to achieve that is to travel to a foreign country and stay connected like a digital nomad. I have one particular in mind – Vietnam.

The importance of a Vacation

Vacations expand productivity, physical and mental well-being, and focus. Studies show that holidays are as important as getting enough physical activity or watching your cholesterol. Traveling for a month and leaving your stressful position can cut the risk of a heart attack in women by 50% and 30%. Excluding yourself from the source of stress helps regather crashed emotional sources like social support and a sense of mastery. However, it takes two weeks for that process to occur.

How to Travel and Work at the Same Time – Becoming a Digital Nomad

As we lived in the 21st century and learned during the COVID pandemic, it is entirely ordinary to work remotely. And although numerous people are still skeptical towards this approach, digital nomads often manifest a productivity level that can't be found in an office. Therefore, every developer should try to experience this level of productivity, and the best way to do it is to go out there on an entirely new adventure. Working remotely allows you to get inspiration that wouldn't be possible from your home office. This inspiration can be very beneficial for your company.

So Why Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect destination to relax, experience new things, recharge your batteries, but still, find a way to work while having fun. Because of the continually improving infrastructure, both digital and physical, you can easily connect to the world at every moment. And also, the startup and digital/technology sector seems to evolve very fast. So you might stumble upon some interesting, hard-working local entrepreneurs or other digital nomads. It makes Vietnam a country with great potential for having that helicopter view.

What about COVID?

The current spread of the pandemic is luckily slowing down in Vietnam. Sp the country is considering reopening its borders again. In the meanwhile, you could experience the joy of planning this trip of a lifetime. And hopefully, things return to normal again in 2021.

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