The Cotton Candy Kush marijuana strain is one of the more well-known and loved kinds worldwide. This marijuana variety is an indica-dominant hybrid, with 70 percent made up by the South African Power Plant and the remaining 30 percent from the Dutch Lavender strain.

It is naturally high in THC, low in CBD, and has a sweet candy-like flavor and fluffy, purple-coloured flower. These characteristics are what has given the Cotton Candy Kush variety its name.

What Makes the Cotton Candy Kush Marijuana Strain Special?

The Cotton Candy Kush’s sweet flavor and calming, soothing yet euphoric effects have caused it to increase rapidly in popularity. The prevalent strain has a complex aroma that comes from its unique terpene profile, which combines floral notes with sweet overtones.

The Cotton Candy hybrid strain produces fluffy and pretty-looking flowers with an enticing fragrance and flavour. Globally, this is one of the more popular medical marijuana strains and often comes highly recommended by physicians.

The Way Cotton Candy Makes You Feel

The Cotton Candy Kush marijuana strain is known for its effects on the entire body, all most likely due to its relatively high THC content. It is a potent yet relaxing variety, with a smell much like the actual cotton candy you would get at fairs and festivals as kids.

It is used by many who suffer from conditions such as sleep, inflammation, and mood disorders, and those suffering from chronic pain. The Cotton Candy Kush is known for its sedating and euphoria-like side effects, giving a calming, full-body high that helps you relax and unwind.

Many users have described it as if the stress simply melts away, leaving them happy and carefree. However, those who suffer from anxiety or similar issues should always err on the side of caution, as strains high in THC may intensify those feelings.

Dehydration is another known side-effect, which can cause both a dry mouth and dry eyes. However, dehydration can be considered a relatively small and safe price to pay when looking at the overall positive benefits of this variety.

Cotton Candy for Everyone

The Cotton Candy Kush strain is many users’ go-to when they want a fun and happy feeling. But, while it is an immensely sought-after and widely used strain, it may not be for everyone. It does have a higher-than-average THC content, which you might want to keep in mind.

The soft, sweet smell and taste of the Cotton Candy Kush marijuana Strain may also cause you to take one or two hits more than you normally would. This could potentially lead to a more intense sensation than what you are comfortable with. So just like with every strain, make sure to use responsibly. Start small, in the comfort of your home, and work your way up to find what is right for you.

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