Have you ever looked back at past events, feeling that if you had only known certain things in advance, things could have turned out completely different?
Have you ever been confused or disoriented, and needed an end of a thread that would lead you to clarity?

In fact, it happened to me, many times along my spiritual journey.
As an artist, I have been struggling for recognition for many years. I did not have the advantage of those who graduated a respectable art school, no famous teachers to brag about, no access to the commercial art world, and no connections or personal association with gallery and museum curators.
Being a self-taught artist, I decided to do everything by myself. As you can see, “struggling warrior” is my second name… and I was in constant need for supportive guidance.
It took me several years of experimentation and self-search in order to develop my own distinct style of painting.
I paint what I see, and visions are streaming into my mind when I summon them. After creating a large body of artwork, I realized that what I paint is not something that I invented by myself, but visions that are being channeled to me from some external source. I did not understand most of the “bizarre” scenes that I was painting, but knew that these images have a message to convey, and it is my duty to carry them out visually.

How the cards were created:
My ongoing interest in the spiritual realm and anything beyond the mundane, had leaded me to study eastern esoteric philosophies, and later on – Kabbalah. Studying the mystical works of the universe opened my eyes and gave me many insights about what I was doing in life, and what my purpose is. It also helped me understand my own artwork.
I have always been a great fan of reading cards, and used my small collections to get answers for pressing questions and doubts.
Many people who saw my artwork commented that my paintings can make a nice set of tarot cards. It took several years of contemplation and exertion until I came to the conclusion that I should create my own set of cards and incorporate the messages from my paintings with Kabbalistic symbols.
I chose the “72 Names of God” as my source of inspiration to creating my cards, because of their special spiritual qualities.

What are “The 72 Names of God”?
The “72 Names of God” are a direct connection to the eternal spiritual abundance that nourishes the soul. Connecting to the source of spiritual power provides us with protection from danger and negative energies, and removes the barriers that separate us from the complete fulfillment of happiness. Utilizing these sacred letter combinations in everyday life opens the door to spiritual transformation and gives us the tools needed to participate in the fulfillment of the cosmic plan.
The 72 three letter combinations are originated from three verses in chapter 11 of the book of Exodus. This chapter tells about the miracle of the parting of the red sea and the salvation of the children of Israel as they escaped the army of Pharaoh.
This location in the bible demonstrates the might of God in its full potency.
Implementing the “The 72 Names of God” with my artwork is an appealing method of connecting with the eternal wisdom, because the artwork and powerful letter combinations fortify each other to create an accurate and reliable divination tool.
When writing the definitions of the 72 cards, I kept in mind that every occasion or challenge in life is part of the journey our soul took upon itself when incarnated into a physical body. Therefore, the guidance offered by the cards is loving and non-judgmental, and leads the reader into empowering solutions.

How to retrieve answers from Divination Cards:
An important thing to consider when using any reading cards is, that we are all connected to the source of eternal wisdom, and have all the answers we shall ever need in order to solve your problems. What we need is a trustworthy medium to help us unveil them.
The cards are a helpful vessel for connecting with the individual’s internal wisdom (which is an integral part of the collective wisdom), and help retrieve the relevant knowledge for each challenging situation in life.
When using the cards, it is very important to be focused on the question – otherwise, the cards will depict your underlying thoughts and give a confused answer. Remember that the cards reflect your thoughts (conscious or sub-conscious) back to you.
The action of drawing a card from the deck in order to get an answer may seem random, but this is not the case at all. When using cards, an energy field is created between the reader and the cards, and the hand is drawn energetically to pick the “right” card that will give a clear answer.

Only One card to Draw:
As for the “72 Names Cards” - unlike other known methods of divination, you only need to draw a single card in order to get a clear understanding of your situation, have a good advice (or approach) for action and forecast the outcome. No complicated spreads are necessary, and you do not have to be a professional card reader. Knowledge of Kabbalah is not necessary to receive accurate messages from this deck. The deck is easy for anyone to work with, provided you approach the cards with openness, consciousness and honesty.

There are 72 cards in the deck, packaged in a fancy red box. The cards aren't designed to be used with reversals, and have an upright position only. Each card is numbered in the bottom corners, and carries a three letter combination corresponding with one of the “72 names of God”. The detailed booklet gives an overview about the cards and explanations about each card’s meaning.
Remember to approach these Kabbalistic sacred names with the utmost respect: Do not use the cards to “test your luck”, but only when you have a crucial pressing question which you must clarify.
Let the eternal wisdom guide you, and get empowering - loving insights.

Author's Bio: 

Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan conceives the images she paints through channeling. All of her paintings are completed in her mind before she transfers them onto the canvas.
Her metaphysical work infuses deep spiritual experience with subtle humor.
Orna Ben-Shoshan has been an autodidact artist for the past 30 years. Her artwork was exhibited in numerous locations in the USA, Europe and Israel. Her Major motivation as a visual artist is to share her visions with others to expand their consciousness and inspire new ways of thinking.
To see more of her artwork, visit: http://www.ben-shoshan.com
Orna has been implementing her artwork into a series of metaphysical, self-guidance, divination products that you can find on her website: “Kabbalah Insights” -Tools for personal guidance. Her latest “72 Names” cards are an enchanting combination of her visionary artwork with sacred Kabbalistic letter combinations. See them at: http://Kabbalahinsights.com