Do you dream of an "ideal" smile, perfect teeth? Tired of hiding your smile because of the yellowing of your teeth? Is tooth wear becoming your obsession? Today, thanks to technological advances and the expertise of our dentists, everything is possible. The solution to your oral problem is called cosmetic dentistry.

Because your smile is important, researchers have combined art and technology to offer you guaranteed correction in the face of the many problems associated with dental aesthetics. In this context, here are the main technologies used for a perfect smile.

Restore Beauty and Shine of Your Teeth with Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are intended to dress your teeth for a new smile. They allow the rehabilitation of damaged ones or even the replacement of old fillings.

There are two types of facets:

• Veneers that fit and stick to the outside of the tooth to fully cover it. A thin layer, such as a contact lens, attaches itself directly to the discolored or imperfect tooth — an effective technique for treating enamel imperfections.

• Restructuring facets that allow a complete and perfect reconstitution of the color and the shape of the tooth at the same time. These veneers are used most often when the teeth are not straight or if they are broken.

In Dental Boutique, professionals use ceramics as a treatment material for the correction of defects.

Ultrasound for Perfect Cleaning of Your Teeth

To clean our teeth, we use a daily toothbrush, dental floss, or even mouthwashes. Some people also opt for more in-depth care, such as descaling. Now there is a new way to clean your teeth using ultrasound.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning provides a better result in removing dental tartar quickly and effectively with an instrument that emits ultrasonic vibrations.

The Waterlase: Goodbye Cavities!

Waterlase is a new technique that combines laser energy and that of the high-pressure water jet to eliminate dental caries. A power called hydro-kinetics.

This process produces neither heat nor vibration. The patient feels much more comfortable during the treatment session, sometimes reducing the need for anesthesia.

Invisalign: No More Pain in the Braces!

When it comes to dental aesthetics, the beauty of the mouth and the softness of the smile also matters. Invisalign is the aesthetic solution par excellence, an innovative orthodontic means. Instead of rings and wires, your orthodontist will give you removable aligners adapted to your dental impressions. These can be changed every six weeks until the desired result is achieved. It is strongly advised to wear the aligners as long as possible for better performance.

For Radiant White Teeth

Our teeth are porous, and, through our diet, yellowish stains can appear. Usually, this is due to excess tobacco, coffee, tea, etc. In some cases, brushing your teeth daily is not enough to deal with enamel discoloration. To remedy this, we speak of whitening or lightening of the teeth.

We are all familiar with teeth whitening done at the dentist with a gel that activates with a laser lamp. There is also another technique called "home bleaching." Your dentist will make two custom-made plastic aligners for you. These will act as a receptacle for the whitening gel. The aligners must then be worn for 10 to 12 days throughout the night to obtain the desired result.

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