Pandemics have never been easy to deal with throughout history. As we face another global outbreak where no pharmaceutical treatment is yet available, exercising caution seems to be the only way to keep the coronavirus COVID-19 at bay. Fortunately, in these unsettling times, precautions for the COVID-19 are similar to influenza or flu and even if we do not know how to treat the latest coronavirus, we do know how we can all stay safe. So, when the health and government officials are asking us to postpone non-essential travel and shutting down all institutes in the top boarding school in north India, here are a few ways in which we can exercise caution from the boundaries of our homes as well.

  1. Wash your hands as frequently as possible

There is no better way to battle with COVID-19 than washing your hands with soap and water as frequently as you can. Make this a family routine where every member goes to the sink every one hour and washes their hands for 20 seconds straight. Set a reminder for the same and follow it strictly. The coronavirus generally enters our body through our eyes, noses and mouths and our hands are the most common agent that transports the virus to these gateways to our bodies. We keep touching our faces, often unconsciously, and that is when the virus enters.Hence, keeping our hands clean is step one.

  1. Get enough sleep at night

As the boarding school in India preach tirelessly, sleep is the greatest immunity booster of our body. It is our biological mechanism to heal our ailing selves, fight foreign bodies like viruses, and strengthening the mechanism that keeps infections at bay. When you are at home, this is the prime time of prioritising your night sleep and keeping every other activity for the day. Bring back the schedule to normal. Wrap up early and focus on quality sleep. Your immunity will then become the fortress that the coronavirus will find difficult to breach. Take care of your body and the body will take care of you.

  1. Eat healthily

Restaurants are shut. Even shopping malls have closed doors. This is again the time when you can detox your body. With sleep, we need the right supply of nutrients to develop our immunity. That means cutting down on fried and sugar items and focusing more on vegetables, fruits and healthy carbohydrates. Substitute your evening snacks with nuts rather than chips. Eat a bowl of salad instead of outside noodles. When your body has healthy ingredients to metabolise, the defences it will create will be sturdier than normal. Try changing your food habits as well as the time now demands the same.

  1. Put in a daily dose of exercise

Exercise and gym really do not have to go along. You do not have to step out of your house to get some physical activity. Agreed that it will not be the same, but the bare minimum benefit that you get from daily exercise can help you to fight COVID-19. The best boarding school in northern India teaches yoga and meditation. You can do those from your room only. Engage your family as well and put in a 20-30 minutes session regularly. Not only will you stay physically healthy, but your overall state will receive a boost with exercise and both your sleep quality and eating habits will get complemented by regular exercise.

  1. Maintain healthy habits

This includes precautionary measures like coughing or sneezing with the mouths covered with the elbow, washing hands right after touching things like money or grocery bags that came from outside, and not picking up the phone or TV remote while eating at any time. Such small healthy habits can go a long way in not spreading any type of infection to your family along with COVID-19. Healthy habits are like bits of investments for the greater good that come handy when things get difficult. Make these your family rules and follow them strictly. If required, print out a list and hang it where everyone can see.

Like all top responsible schools of the country, the Swarnprastha Public School also stands firmly alongside its parents, students, teachers and staff in the battle against the coronavirus. SPS believes that our simple steps as individuals can halt the outbreak and take us quickly to the other end of the tunnel where all these will be behind us.

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We need to make our homes safe. We need to exercise caution for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Swarnprastha has always taught its students to consider the bigger picture as that is what helps to keep the society safe.

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