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Last week I promised a Corona virus update and here it is…. I personally have been distancing myself from media and online news about the virus. Judging by how stressed I feel when I leave my home I think this is probably a good idea. Stress and fear are the number one way you can drop your immune system and make yourself more vulnerable to this, or truly, any illness.

Lack of sleep, poor eating especially sugars or other simple carbohydrates will also make your much more susceptible to the virus. Right now, avoiding social contact is probably a good idea and does seem to be having a positive effect on slowing the pandemic aspect of the Corona virus.

So what can you do to make you and your family less likely to contract this illness?

Eat a healthy diet, making sure you are getting a variety of whole foods. Avoid junk foods and foods high in processed or even natural sugars as they will depress your immune system.

Take a good multi vitamin mineral supplement each day. This will help to fill in some dietary gaps.

If you are stressed out about the situation take at least 500-1000 mgs buffered time released vitamin C and a good B-Complex vitamin also time released…

Take a good probiotic each day.

If you are forced to engage with others I would also like to suggest some anti viral immune tonics. Most people know about elderberry but that is more effective at the early stages of viral infection. Two products that I feel are safe for PREVENTION for most people and children are Astra 8 by Health Concerns and Argentyn 23 by Allergy Research. We also have products for those immune compromised people needing more help but I will not cover these here. Should you need help please give a call and we can do a phone consultation to discuss your needs in depth.

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Dr Taryn DeCicco ND, LAc, LDN of Apple A Day Clinic in Arlington Heights, IL has been practicing Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Acupuncture as a holistic doctor, specializing in acne, skin, digestive disorders, and HPV for over 20 years!