Stress is a condition that our minds and bodies create as a result to difficult situations occurring in our lives. It can manifest itself anywhere, most of all in places that you least expect it too. Stress can occur in the home or at your workplace and of panic attacks. aches and pains, depression, anxiety, loss of interest, loss of appetite, ect. However, most types of stress are detrimental to your health, but not all types of stress are bad for you. There are some that can actually be helpful to you.

Small levels of stress can give you with a more heightened response, allowing you to be more focused on the problems in your life. But if you lack the ability to handle stress properly, it could lead you to become exhausted. The intensity of stress all depends on how you can deal with it. Oddly enough, some people are more effective when they are under pressure to preform. For example a professional athlete.

Constant Stress Can tear your life apart

Stress can take a devastating toll on your emotional well being. This can cause a number of conditions such as those mentioned previously as well as irritability, anxiousness, and nervousness. The resulting depression this can cause can lead your mind to shut down your body taking away your will to do even simple everyday tasks which will eventually lead you to a more sedentary life, affecting your mental and physical health. Everyone should be aware that stress depresses a person which can eventually make feel useless and lethargic.

Dealing With Stress

Handling stressful situations can be a stressful in itself. Its a sort of Catch 22 situation. Its stressful to handle the stress. You simply cannot wish the stress away and if you stick your head in a hole like an ostrich you will find the problem worse when you pull your head out, you must first find the root of the problem and deal with it head on. You will find that just the simple act of just confronting and dealing with your problems will make you feel better, more calm and more in charge of your life.Did you know that the reason that many people have their homes foreclosed on is because they stay in denial, never even contact their lender to work out a solution. If they would have simply picked up the phone and delt with the problem they could have avoided it. The first thing to do, as far as properly dealing with stress, take charge and begin to manage your problems.

Avoid Alcohol

One major thing to avoid is Alcohol! Most people will not tell you this. I don't know why because it is a major thing. Drinking will help you escape your problems only temporarily. When it wears off it will magnify your problems 10 times and make molehills seem like mountains. It will also disturb your rest cycle. Drunk sleep is not good sleep! At times like these you need rest and good nutrition to rejuvenate your mind and body to deal with the tasks at hand and if you drink and drive your really going to magnify your problems wit a DUI. Alcohol will only make it more difficult for you to think, rest and eat properly. Substitute exercise and a good diet for drinking.

Many techniques have been developed to deal with stress, and, are proven effective. Through these strategies and techniques, an individual is able to remain calm, productive, and functional in situations that generate pressure and tension. The following techniques are just of a few that will also help you avoid problems that have long term effects.

Take Action- As mentioned above.

Breath deeply,close your eyes if you can and take as many deep breaths until you feel calmer.

Positive affirmations,

PMP-Positive Mental Pictures,

Think about what you want not what you don't want

Ask for the answers to your problems. Be specific in your asking. It can be your God or your own Subconscious you ask, but no matter how the answers come to you your mind is the most powerful thing you have. "Ask and you shall receive". Haven't you ever needed the answer to a problem and when you least expected it, the answer just popped into your mind, even though you weren't thinking about it. This is powerful stuff! It's what, "The Secret"', is based on!

Before you use these techniques, make sure that you are aware of the cause of your problems and how they are affecting your life. If you realize that the problems causing the stress are too much for you to handle, take them them one at a time. Trying to taking too much at once will only cause confusion and a more stress. How do you eat an elephant? Answer- One bite at a time!

To avoid feeling stressed all the time, try to have a positive outlook in life, especially towards your career. The pressure in the workplace is often stressful, and can lead you to become depressed. But if you deal with it correctly, stress will not be as much of a problem in your life.

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