To think positively, one has to change their mental and emotional thinking about every aspect of themselves. There are steps that you can take to create positive attitudes toward other people and different situations.

You have to learn what the most important factors are that affect your attitudes. In this way, you learn to eliminate all negative things that can affect the way you make decisions.

You have to take charge of things that affect your life, instead of allowing other people and circumstances to decide how your life will play out. You must also associate with others preferably with greater skills and knowledge that will help you develop in a positive direction and pull you up to their level. It is said that if a positive and a negative person are around each other for any length of time that the negative person will almost always bring the positive one down instead of visa Versa. Avoid negative people like the plague and take small steps each day to achieve your goals. Remember, " How do you eat an elephant ?" Answer, "One bite at a time". You should always associate yourself with like minded people who can motivate to achieve your goals.

Look in the mirror and say positive things about yourself to yourself. If you don't believe in yourself how do you expect anyone else to believe you are successful. This is called positive affirmations. The way you communicate to yourself influences the way you think and the way you approach other people and situations. Read about those who have overcome great difficulties, fought their fears, overcome obstacles to succeed in life. You will then be able to learn understand new ideas. You will also begin have a positive outlook on life in general. Your mind cant hold a positive and a negative thought at the same time. So anytime you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, change it immediately to a positive one. Remember, you have control over your mind and what you think !

Always make lists to stay motivated in achieving your goals no matter how hard they may seem. Always take time to work on your goals. Accomplishing one task will motivate you to conquer another, and another and another, ect. This momentum snowballs and makes you more self-confident and when you are more self confident it is much easier to achieve more goals.

Replace your old sad depressing mental images with happy positive images that you want to experience. Become aware of your attitudes and behavior. You can then make an action plan to create those attitudes you like and and discard the ones you dislike.

Always think about, "what you want, not what you don't want", if you believe in the,"Law of Attraction", you will bring into your life, what you think about. So only think about what you want!

You cannot control all things all of the time in your live, but you can change the things that you think about in a positive way. You have the option to choose what you think about to increase your self-esteem.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can influence your attitude and behavior. When you say positive things about yourself, you will be able to respond and react internally on what you would like to happen in your life. Your thoughts determine your personal feelings and your reactions to certain situations. When you practice positive affirmations, you start taking control of things that can affect or change the way you see the world and your life.

The way you speak to yourself allows you to see your emotional side. What you say to yourself should relate to things that are currently happening in your life. Remember, you are in control of what you think and what
you think determines how you feel and therefore your actions.

Get a Mentor! A Mentor is someone who has achieved the results you desire in life that agrees to take you under their wing and teach you how to do it. Your gains under the direction and guidance of a mentor will supercharge your progress many times faster. Example, The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a program of retired business executives that act as mentors to those wanting to start their own businesses using their experience to help people avoid many of the pit falls they have already experienced.

READ, READ, READ. Your mind is like a sponge. Let it soak up all of the knowledge possible. Never stop learning. This is one of the main reasons people die shortly after retiring. They quit life and learning ! Never retire from learning and doing new things.

Help someone else, it'll make you feel great!

"Now go out and make someones day"
Corky Carson

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Corky Willis is an author and owner of Corky Willis & Associates Atlanta Photography.