Does it seem like you are under more stress than usual? Does it seem like time is speeding up, leaving you with less hours in a day to accomplish the things you need to do?

If you answered “yes,” you are not alone. I myself feel like I am living with one foot in the fourth dimension, one foot in the fifth dimension and under the umbrella of Saturn and sometimes Pluto.

Now, what does all of this mean? The word “dimension” means concept or aspect. At one time, the concept of the planet was that the earth was flat. Of course, we now know that concept to be false.

The concept of the fourth dimension is simply the universal law of attraction or “What goes around, comes around.” Pay attention to your thoughts. It is said that each person has over 100,000 thoughts a day. We do not pay enough attention to those little nagging thoughts that come up from our subconscious and can trip us up and keep us from moving forward with our goals. What you think, say and do will have effect your life.

One thing you can do to stop the “mind chatter.” Let your mind go blank. Time yourself and see how long you can still your mind so that there are no thoughts. Strive for 1 to 2 minutes at first and then increase until you reach 5 to 10 minutes. It is said that when the mind is still, you tap into the higher knowing and this is the space that allows for new creative ideas to come forth. I like to ask a question to a problem I am having, whether it is for work or life. I get still and quiet my mind for at least 10 minutes. Then, I open up my mind and write down all the ideas that come to me. I then go through the list and take action on those that I feel are the best.

Fifth dimension is the concept of being able to recognize patterns that no longer serve you. I like to think of it as karma being broken. Karma is nothing more than the law of attraction (what goes around, comes around) at work. During this time on the planet, each human is being shown what is no longer working for them. Look at the health insurance, the financial institutions, home mortgaging, and the list goes on and on. We are living in a time where we as humankind are being shown patterns of what is no longer working.

In your personal life or in the lives of those around you, people with “isms” are being shown that these patterns are no longer working. Shopaholicism, alcoholism, workaholicism, drug addiction, sleep disorders, personality disorders, food disorders, health disorders – all of these are coming more and more to light in family and friendship groups. More people are now seeking help with these problems than they did five or ten years ago. We as humankind are recognizing that these old patterns no longer serve. I know of many families where many of these addictions are no longer the “norm” and family patterns are being changed. We, as humans, are beginning to break down the old stuck patterns that no longer serve us. Begin to look at the patterns that are no longer working for you in your life. Still the mind and begin to take action.

Saturn is in everyone’s astrological chart right now. The influence of Saturn will last about two years. For those of you who may not believe in Astrology, a book many years ago, “PASSAGES,” discussed that every seven to nine years, a person went through a phase which redefined them. Saturn is here to show us what is working in our lives and what is not working in our lives. It can be as simple as needing a new water heater or tires on the car to realizing that your current career or relationship is not working.

Recently, I was boiling some squash. I have an electric stove with the little silver trays under the coils to collect spill overs. When the water boiled over, the heat caused the residue in the trays to begin smoking and caused my smoke alarm in my condo to go off. I had to call the fire department to turn off the smoke alarm. My condo is about 500 yards from the fire department and one of them could have walked over. No, instead they came up in full gear with axes and the fire truck just to turn off my alarm. I was so embarrassed as all of my neighbors came over to see what the fuss was all about.

This incident showed me that I needed to change the trays on my stove and I learned that the smoke alarms in the condos were wired into the attic and they were made so that the fire department would have to come to turn them off. They did make a discovery that the electrical wiring to the smoke alarm was defective. So, I had to have an electrician to come in and fix this problem as well. Had I not been shown the problems and acted upon them, the influence of Pluto could have caused my condo to catch on fire.

Each person alive on the planet today has lessons. I tell my students that even the Pope has lessons. The influence of Saturn shows you what your lessons are. If you don’t get your lessons, then the influence of Pluto will take over and probably “kick you in the butt.”

We are living in a fantastic time right now. We can change the patterns which no longer serve us, both individually and globally. We have to look at the signs along the highway of life and be able to recognize the signs and be able to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. By doing this, I believe each of us can begin to not only heal ourselves, but evolve the planet as well.

Copyright April 2009

Author's Bio: 

Diana Moore is a Minister, Licensed Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnoanalyst, Energy Psychologist, Reiki Master Accredited Practitioner of all levels of the EMF Technique. She is the originator and founder of Consciousness Counseling (Counseling without blame) and the Light Work Class. Teachers include but are not limited to Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Dan Millman, John Gray, James Ray, Lisa Nichols, and Louise Hay. She also volunteered for Marianne Williamson’s Center for Successful Living and was Co-Founder for The Foundation of Metaphysical Studies in Dallas, Texas. She has recently become the author of The Self-Empowerment System and many of the facilitators from The Secret utilize her techniques on a daily basis.