Cooked Food Versus Raw Food

We’ve talked about the benefits of raw and living foods, and even how they compare to cooked foods as far as the nutrients being greatly reduced or removed during heating. Unfortunately, however, it’s not only that the nutrients are lacking when the food is cooked – some harmful things are actually created when the food is heated up and cooked.

Raw and Living Foods Are Optimum

Here’s a recap of why raw and living foods rock before we get into the harmful things that are created when they’re cooked. Raw and living foods contain tons of phytochemicals, healthy enzymes and hormones, along with other nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and calcium. When we cook these vegetables, these things get lost. That’s not good for you in the short and long run, because you need these things to function optimally!

So What Happens?

But here’s the juice of the story – the things that can happen to cooked food and what you subsequently might be putting in your body:

- Many of the water soluble vitamins get lost and turn into a toxic residue that affects your immune system. Vegetables are known for their vitamins — why get rid of them?

- Amino acids, the little things responsible for helping us build protein, are turned into carcinogenic nightmares that can lead to protein deficiencies when they’re heated up past 115 degrees!

- Fats can become rancid carcinogens when heated over 115 degrees.

- Several toxins are created when you heat fats and oils.

- Heating sugars, starches, amino acids, coffee beans and cheeses all produce numerous toxins and carcinogens that can lead to disease (and worse).

It’s no wonder that people are starting to see the true benefits of eating a completely or high raw/living foods diet and incorporating more time into remaining healthy and disease free. I’ve lived through three cancer diagnoses and am here to tell you this lifestyle really, REALLY does work!

You’re so definitely worth this! You owe it to yourself!

The power within the natural fruits and vegetables translates into a healthier body that is able to not only combat current conditions but prevent them from happening. That rocks! One little thing to remember is that cooking is about the most unnatural thing you can do to your whole foods – and body! If you must cook your veggies (say, broccoli for example), just be sure to lightly steam them in a small amount of water.

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