Semolina, locally famous as Semola, is an essential ingredient in Italy. Italian Semolina Flour is a part of a lot of recipes. Semolina Flour has a pale yellow color, and people use it to make pasta, pizza base, and many other meals all around the world. When you ground durum wheat or pasta wheat, the flour you get is semolina. It has high protein as compared to other flour.

Italian Semolina Flour

Semolina is very common in cooking and has a broader reach than your imagination. Not only pasta, but there are a lot of recipes that include semolina as a parent ingredient. It is easily accessible as there are numerous brands selling semolina flour online. You must have used it in some of your recipes. If you have tried Italian pasta- macaroni, gnocchi, or spaghetti- or any other, you have eaten semolina. But apart from pasta, semolina has big hands in the culinary industry. Its high protein makes it healthier than other flours you use regularly.

The regional cuisines worldwide use it in a lot of dishes, from desserts to savory. You also have a lot of ways to mix semolina in your cooking recipes. Here are some:

  • Europeans and North Americans use semolina in the sweet pudding. In countries like Germany, England, and Austria, semolina is famous for putting in sweets and porridge. While in greek-style roasted potatoes, it works as a critical ingredient. Organic semolina flour is not limited to making dishes like pasta, but Europeans also use it for bread, like pizza dough and Sicilian bread.

  • You may or may not have heard of the popular semolina dish most recognizable in North Africa, couscous. It consists of tiny balls of semolina served with a stew of meat and vegetables. Another popular recipe from North Africa includes Berber Pancakes or Baghrir. They also use semolina flour for pizza dough and much other unique food.

  • If you want to cook something different out of semolina, you can try your hands on Fufu's west African dish. It is a staple food that you can eat with vegetables, meats, and stews. West Africans often cook it like porridge but with a thick consistency.

If you want to stick to the pasta, you need to worry about nothing because it can't be easier. Take some Italian semolina flour , add warm water to it, and leave it for one hour. You can then cut the dough into pasta of any shape you want. The water should be half the quantity of semolina, and that is all. As semolina only consists of endosperm, it does not consist of the fern and bran nutrients. However, most of the market brands offer semolina enriches with nutrients that add back into the flour. It has some other health benefits like weight loss. It makes you feel fuller because of high protein and fiber, and thus you do not crave food more often. The iron and magnesium in it can help controlling blood sugar levels. So, you may consider semolina over other flour for increased benefits and more cooking options.

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