Conventional Knowledge
The previous articles in this Personal Power series discussed some differences between the logic of the outer world and the intuition of the inner world. You've seen how something can be both right as well as wrong, rather than either right or wrong.

This resembles the difference between conventional and unconventional knowledge. Conventional knowledge you put into words with your educated consciousness, one thought at a time. It's acquired from outside, learned in universities, no experience required!

Although you can watch people do it, hear an expert talk about it, and read all about it, none of this gives you experience. The secret of success is to put in the time and energy yourself. You'll change your life once you authentically know that: You can't learn to ride a bicycle at a seminar.

Yet think of the numbers of brand-new graduates who believe that they know, because they've learned it in class. The teenagers who insist they know it all without experiencing the consequences of their actions. The doctrinaire politician who rationalizes his policies while continuing to advocate rather than abandon those that fail. Yet to rationalize is to tell rational lies. They haven't learned from experience.

Unconventional Knowledge
Unconventional knowledge is your understanding of life directly, without words or concepts. Your natural awareness awakens: Yes, that's right! I don't understand exactly what you said, but of course! This energy, when harnessed, is the secret of success which increases your personal power.

Maybe this is why it's called personal power. You experience the awakened energy and it increases your inner power, but others hearing the same thing don't. They lack the awareness or the context to have it work for them. You experience exactly the same event entirely differently.

If you are very logical, and you only use logic, it's tempting to think you can figure it out. But there's one enormous problem: You don't know what you don't know!

So when you see logic doesn't apply, or it's not working, then it's rational to find out more and seek another source for what you don't yet know. You change your life when you seek the experience you don't yet have.

Is It Made or Grown?
The enormous difference in nature between things that are made and things that are grown is very similar.

Things that are made are assembled from separate parts put together, such as machines, or made from the outside inwards, like statues. You start with more, such as the ore that's refined into metal, and subtract until you're left with the object you want.

Grown things start small, and enlarge themselves organically. A small plant can crack a concrete slab as it gets bigger! Seeds divide and grow, your experiences start small, and then grow. But you can't purchase parts to add-on, just as you need to have the experience yourself!

No matter how much you read about learning to swim, you only learn to swim by getting in the water and doing it yourself. No matter how much someone tells you about being in love, you need to have the experience for yourself. Experience, like nature, grows from within outwards.

Yet the exclusively logical mind doesn't know love, it only knows about love. And your self sabotage mechanism will pretend that experience is not necessary for authentic knowing! The secret of success is to realize that experience contains the seeds of personal power!

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Food for Thought
"We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. To the cognition of the brain must be added ... experience"

- Arnold Bennett, 1867–1931, editor, philanthropist, journalist, novelist

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