We all heard this phrase from our elder ones that “Better to solve a problem now, then to repent later on”. We hardly gave importance to these words of our parents in our childhood, but those who have now kicked start their career in the field of software development, would realize how true these words were? Why did this happen? Because now the software developers and software quality assurance experts have agreed upon the reality that as soon as they would be able to sort out problems in the software, the earlier they can fix the issues and save their lives from extra workloads. For every single business in any domain, quality assurance plays an integral role and is aimed to bring value to the enterprise. This value expected from the quality assurance process is to make the software processes much more efficient while ensuring that the end-product meets customers’ needs.

The same holds in terms of software development life-cycle because software when developed, undergoes a variety of stages, the possibility of defect leakages is always very high. As soon as the team will detect defects and vulnerabilities, they can come up with timely fixtures, before the product gets released in the market and the hackers start threatening organizations.
That is why all the researchers in the software domain came up with only the best option to avoid problems in the software life-cycle is by performing quality assurance testing hard. Moreover, the best practices of Quality assurance must be implemented to come up with better and flawless software products and apps. But organizations and teams think that software testing is a one time process. However, if an organization truly wants to get the benefits of the software testing process then it has to bake it from the start of the software development life-cycle and continue testing till the product gets released.

Use testing tools for enhancing efficiency - Repetitive tasks in the software development life-cycle can make developers and testers dull and dumb like duplication of test cases and detection of defects. For this purpose, the market is chock full of software testing tools including test case management tools, bug detectors known as bug tracking tools, and many more. These tools are great at enabling ease, efficiency, and effectiveness of software testing efforts. For sure manual work is very important to develop software products and apps, as humans have an innate capability of observing things and coming up with logical reasoning but this does not mean that humans alone are sufficient to meet the effectiveness.

Divide functional modules - If the organization aims to ensure continuous progress with its products, it has to make necessary efforts to continuously improve its software testing process. And in this regard dividing the functional modules is of great importance. Now you might be thinking why? But this is important because it helps ensure that all aspects of a specific application are tested. Dividing the entire logic into smaller modules also makes it easier to identify and fix errors, thereby delivering high-quality products.

A good test environment helps to achieve productivity - You want your organization to be productive? You want your software products to be at the top of the market? For sure you also want to earn the highest market share? Then before you get your teams involved in the software testing process, make sure the team comes up with a testing environment that is good and up to the mark. The test team is responsible for ensuring that the test environment completely mimics the production of the product. This is to ensure that no defects or errors are missed during product testing.

Effective internal communication is the key to success - Continuous improvement in the software testing process also means to have continuously had extensive communication between developers and testers. Having a one-to-one facial discussion with the developer regarding any sort of issues, all sorts of bugs can get easily resolved and the overall confusion of both testers and developers will also get clarity. It is important to keep a record of all such discussions over email so that one can refer back to them in the case of any clashes or when the need arises.

To meet the ever-changing demands of the clients, the testing team needs to upgrade their skills and meet the essential requirements.

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As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Kualitatem, Ray Parker loves to write tech-related news, articles, specifically quality assurance and information security. Apart from his techie appearance, he enjoys soccer, reading mysteries, and spending long hours working over at the New York office.