Enterprises are now in the era of context-aware computing in order to primarily focus on achieving better customer intimacy along with an enhanced productivity in the entrepreneurial operations.

Context aware computing can be considered as an extended arm of mobile computing field where mobility is used as a tool to drive enterprises to perform better and efficiency is increased many folds. This kind of context aware computing will seamlessly dwell in the ever changing execution environment as it has a ubiquitous access to information and the communication of the mobile user. Context aware computing has gained its prominence with the idea of having the electronic gadgets primarily the mobile phones to learn about its user and the users’ routine to serve him like a ‘life-like’ assistant!

Moving on to the wonders of the context aware mobile computing, the users’ actions can be predicted with the kind of the situation he or she is in. That is the accuracy of the Smartphones with the context aware computing apps on them. The Smartphone can have the log of the restaurants which are visited by the user and have the ability to record the reactions to the restaurant. So the next time the user is in the vicinity of the restaurant the phone suggests the user about which restaurant is a convenient option for an ideal experience.

Popular mobile manufacturing company, Apple Inc. released an intelligent, context-aware, question-and-answer interaction like with humans using an advanced technology namely Siri. This application understood the concepts of context and intent simultaneously and works like a personal assistant with its user. This is an excellent example for the concept of Context Aware Mobile Computing. The capability of learning over the time about the people, places and other routine activities in order to streamline the appointments in the user’s schedule is another wonder with the context aware computed apps. That is not it, the languages can be understood by Smartphones with the context computing methods and this kind of effect is surely a game changer in the mobile industry.

Embracing context Aware computing in the mobile space is not a hard nut to crack as it possess the required infrastructure to accommodate this type of computing with not much of investment in deploying the suitable hardware. Context-aware computing has the potential to solve a wide variety of business problems and Enterprises of all sizes will see all the reasons to deploy this computing technology for getting a better target prospects in their business niche.

Context computing will soon be seeking information with the social networking sites that can provide the users having Smartphones with important context information to achieve better results and give an accurate solution to the mobile user.

Due to the natural inheritance of giving the solutions to business challenges, context aware computing is a serious case to consider as suggested by Gartner Research. This computing is also called as ‘ubiquitous computing’ owing to its feature of seamlessly blending the interaction between humans and technology. Thus, to sum up the context aware computing is here to humanize the computing methods to blend into the daily lives of the people. Very soon, it is anticipated that apps will be bygone by developing gadget intelligence.

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