Contentment-a state of happiness and satisfaction.
Comfort-a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
Life is a continuous state of being in any particular moment. The moments flee with the blink of an eye. When the world around us seems like it has gone crazy, yet you remain with a feeling of contentment and comfort. This feeling assures us that whatever happens, you have peace within.
There is no other feeling like that of contentment and comfort. To be content with life means that you don’t need anything else, you are happy as is. The state of contentment means that nothing outside of you is going to change the feeling that thrives on the inside of you.
To attain comfort, both in the physical and emotional sense, means to be satisfied. To physically be free from pain or to move about with ease is the best physical comfort that one can have. Each day we strive to attain this feeling. For some, this is a physical as well as mental battle that they fight daily. To feel comfort within is a state of being. There is calmness in each moment. When you extend comfort to others you are sharing in that state of being.
When you feel both, contentment and comfort, you are on a physical and emotional plane that is so strong in your mind and soul. You don’t want or need anything, you live in the feeling of contentment and comfort. Imagine not needing or wanting anything, being happy and satisfied with everything that is. You feel comfort and you share it, to have it and to give it, both are life’s flow.
It is wonderful to feel these feelings, but it is another to live a life of these feelings. It is about stripping down everything and being content with what’s left. If you have contentment and comfort in your soul, it transcends throughout your entire body, affecting your thought process and extends out into the universe.
I am content with who I am and where I am going. I find comfort in knowing the kind of person I am becoming. In my oneness I do not seek anything because I live in contentment and comfort. These are things that no one can take from you. Whatever happens around you, you will always have what remains within you.
I wish for you the comfort of knowing that you are a worthy and loving soul that lives life in a state of contentment.

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