Protection - container shipping is generally considered the safest option as RoRo involves storing the vehicle on an open deck and additional operations are required during loading / unloading by dockers. In a joint container transport, your vehicle is safely transported along with other vehicles. To keep the cost down a bit, you can opt to ship with a shared container, which means you will be sharing space with another vehicle, both of which are securely anchored inside the container. The most convenient way of transportation by road is container sharing.

We pays great attention to providing regular routes to our common subsidiaries around the world, and as a result, we are able to offer our customers the best rates for the delivery of trucks in containers. We offer international car shipping services to the dedicated South African Ro-Ro ports of Durban. We can easily deliver any vehicle to Johannesburg and other regions of South Africa using our extensive network of trusted partners.

We ship hundreds of vehicles to South Africa every year and our experience in delivering cars, vans, trucks, RVs and RVs helps us to be one of the industry leaders in the USA. We specialize in the delivery of passenger cars, SUVs, RVs and campgrounds to South Africa and Namibia, and offer fast and frequent Roll on Roll off (RORO) and container services to all major South African ports, we are your sea bridge to South Africa. Many military personnel choose us to transport their vehicles, SUVs, RVs, heavy equipment, boats, yachts and motorcycles. We are proud to serve the active military community, delivering vehicles from the United States to South Africa and importing vehicles to the United States from South Africa around the world.

As a leading automotive transport company with many satisfied customers who have chosen us to transport their vehicles. For any inquiries regarding the delivery of your vehicle or personal belongings, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today. Contact our sales team for more information and the best rates and personalized service when shipping vehicles to South Africa.

Our reliable service will provide you with reliable delivery that will ensure your vehicle arrives in a safe and timely manner. So, whatever needs for the transportation of your personal car may arise, we can adapt your cargo in accordance with your needs. We can also arrange fast customs clearance for you, help with destination arrival taxes, and put you in touch with a reputable freight forwarder to assist you when the container arrives in South Africa. To send a car to Africa, you need to provide some documents to the forwarder.

Customs formalities can be completed several days before the vehicle is delivered to the port. Typically, the vehicle will disembark at the port 48 hours before the arrival of the ships. The pick-up process from Cape Town is the same as above, although not as strictly scheduled as you will receive 5 days of free storage at the port of arrival for your vehicle.

Joint container transportation. This makes the planning process more difficult for you, as it is very likely that you can wait another week for the container to fill up with the rest of the wagons. It is best to choose this method when shipping two or more vehicles. There is no guarantee of a fixed departure date as is the case with the Roro, as each container must be filled with vehicles in order to be loaded into the ship's container. Your car, loaded with three other vehicles in a container, gets weather protection and you can carry additional items at the same time in the trunk or in the back seat of your car. It's also a smart option if you prefer to carry your personal belongings in your car.

One of the disadvantages of one-off container shipping is the additional cost of the service compared to RoRo, as well as the associated port charges. RORO's import / export shipping costs are significantly lower than container shipping to South Africa. Car shipping to South Africa from the US starts at $ 3,300 for full-size vehicles and up to $ 7,000 for large SUVs and vehicles.

Individual shipments, oversized vehicles and container promotions can be arranged from various ports around the world, although the size of your vehicle and the time constraints you may have will affect which service is right for you. If you find it uncomfortable or impossible to drive your vehicle to this port, most shippers will send the truck to your home and collect it, although this will add to your vehicle's shipping cost. Whichever international shipping method you choose, you will need to work with a local overseas agent at your destination..

Once this initial step is known, confirmed and completed, you can begin the process of delivering vehicles to South Africa. Vehicles can be delivered to the port or transported on our door-to-port service.

RoRo Shipping - This outdoor shipping service is only available to those with serviceable vehicles and equipment. RORO is the least costly method, requiring your vehicle to be in good working order so that it can be raised and lowered on ramps that facilitate boarding and disembarking from the ship.

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