Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just seem to have a series of things that go wrong.

Well last week was one of those for me.

Fortunately for losing our telephone line at home was solved with some intensive communication, but it was solved.

Our Washing machine broke down, yes we went about visiting the local JB HiFi shop:

Where once again with some communication, with what I think they also call some brain storming took place. We went home with a new washing machine. ALL GOOD!!

OK, the final one was my car broke down. Remembering we are with the RAA: I think "Great" will ring RAA and the problem will be solved. NOT SO EASY!!!

I had to leave my car to go to work. Work was within walking distance, only 10 mins from where the car broke down.

When I arrived at work I phoned RAA spoke with a young woman explained situation -

"Fine, I will give you a job number so that it will be possible for your husband to meet with the RAA at the car at a time that is convenient with him.

Just get him to call when he is ready." Both my husband and I phoned with our membership numbers, job number expecting things to flow as we were told in the original conversation.

However, the young gentleman told me that this wouldn't be possible. Could I hold on while he spoke with his supervisor.

Some 3/4 hour later still waiting on the phone as to whether this could be done.

My husband decided to phoned CMI Toyota as to see if they could provide a solution. "Yes they could have someone there in 20 mins". Great!!

When RAA person came back with an answer, we said that due to the indecision and long wait. My husband had phoned CMI were on there way.

Thinking that we should let an authoritive person know about this scenario as we were quite concerned as this happening again.

Especially if we were in a situation where there was not have such good back up as CMI.

Not to mention we have been members of the RAA for 4 years at $322 per = $1288 we have paid.

This was our first call out and experience and it was really confusing and distressing.

So hoping for some sort of resolution that this wouldn't happen again, instead I got a scenario of excuses and reasons as to why it had happened.

There was also some attempt at placing some sort of blame on us. We weren't looking to place or accept blame but for a "Confirmation as to this scenario not happening again."

The problem here is that when the is conflict it is about finding a resolution, not attempting to place some type of lame blame or excuses to the situation.

I came to the realization of this as we felt as you can imagine quite annoyed and even somewhat distressed.

So on reflection and working through these feelings. I came to an understanding that no resolution had occurred and consequently, a loss of confidence had taken place.

This was also not just about us but other members if they had to go through as similar experience.

I wanted to share this with because it was made really clear by this experience the importance of communication.

Listening to people (during our second and third call the people we spoke with didn't not listen to us). This created frustration for us as the person.

Listening is vital to hearing the whole story. At no stage should this have been about "Blame" it was should always be about "Problem Solving". Finding a resolution to the situation.

Still not able to come to a resolution with the RAA, it will be important for us to look into it further as to what other options. Then taking it from there.

If you think about relationships that for the most part break down, it is because of the fact there has not been a resolution to the conflict.

This is relevant whether the relationship is personal or business. The relationship will come to an end mainly due to one or the other person not being heard.

Then being able to come to a happy compromise or agreement.

I leave you with this thought - "Being Positive and Positive Thinking isn't about ignoring the Problems but in Finding Solutions"

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:

Julie Doherty is acknowledged as Worldwide Leader in Healthcare by The Leading Physicians of the world. She is an exceptionally experienced naturopathic health practitioner with a vast expertise in traditional medicine, herbal medicine, and homeopathic medicine. Julie has over twenty-six years in practice and currently maintains a position at Julie's Naturopathic Health Care Services, her private practice in Hackham, South Australia, Australia, where she provides an extensive array of safe, effective, individual, and non-invasive therapies to assist with overcoming health issues that affect the body and the mind.

Julie graduated with distinctions from S.A. College of Botanical Medicine and Natural Therapies and is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Her professional qualifications include Naturopathic Doctor, Herbal & Homoeopathic Practitioner in Diet and Nutritional Medicine, Remedial & Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Body Mind Balancing Cognitive Counselling, and Healthy/Lifestyle coaching and Natural Beauty. This solid education has enabled Julie to provide an extensive range of multidisciplinary modalities that are safe, effective, individual and non-invasive to empower each person to optimal health. Julie credits her success to determination and dedicates to her family and traveling in her spare time