Concussion is a mild, traumatic injury to the brain. It is not a life-threatening injury, but it can cause short and long term problems. Concussions do not include injuries where there is tearing or bleeding in the brain. People who had multiple concussions, might suffer cumulative neurological damage that can lead later in life to dementia, depression, Alzheimer...

"A large segment of society thinks that concussions are innocuous and everybody recovers from them, and the life is going to be merry ever after. That is absolutely not true." Dr. Robert Cantu, neurosurgeon.
What is really happening during and after an accident? Our body cells have memory, and in case of a sudden trauma like an accident there is a short-term mechanism that help us survive an overwhelming situation by suppressing and loading the trauma into cellular memory. The person may act calm after accident like nothing happened at all, then hours, days or weeks later, when they are safe and secure, the trauma automatically is released from the cells memory.

During the concussion accident the brain bounces back and forth inside the skull, and this can cause bruising, bleeding or tearing. The other factor, yet never mentioned or noticed by the medical…), is the vibration that springs from the blow itself.

The root of all concussion problems is the vibration that stems from the shock of the accident. This vibration gets loaded, stored in the brain cells and later become the source of all the symptoms associated with the accident: pains, dizziness, memory cognition problems… This is the undetected problem. Even though the MRI or X-Ray show no physical damage, people still complain about intense pains, dizziness or other disturbing symptoms for years.

The conventional medicine treatment for concussion is usually rest, ice and painkillers. “The best treatment is time to allow the brain to heal”. Meaning they do nothing, and expect you to heal on your on. NFL donated million dollars to Boston University Medical School for research to address what they called 'concussion crisis'. That proves once again, there is no effective treatment for concussion to date.

Our breakthrough homeopathic formula - which cannot be found in homeopathic pharmacies or acquired from your homeopath - is truly the one that can help. It had been clinically proven for the past two decades (yes, 20 years) with many cured cases where the main symptoms varied from headaches, dizziness, depression or cognitive problems. The vibration that stemmed from the accident and lodged in your brain neurones can be removed only by vibrational remedies as well, and these are homeopathic remedies.

The whole treatment takes three months. From the first week you start to feel the results whether the concussion happened few​ days, 10 or 20 years ago. Remember, we are not masking symptoms or make you feel better temporarily. We are trying to rebuilt your health and bring it back the way it was before the accident.

If what you've been doing all these years hasn't been getting you the results you want, doing more of the same will not get you any further.
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Virgil has been practicing homeopathy since 1997. He received his diplomas from The British Institute For Homeopathy and from Homeopathic Master Clinician school. He is a member of Canadian Society for Homeopaths and has a practice in Vancouver, BC.