Recently, some very positive news has come out of the medical community. After many years on the increase, breast cancer rates in the United States have actually dropped slightly. The most likely reason is that many American women have discovered that hormone replacement therapy for menopause actually causes breast cancer and have stopped using it. Conventional hormone replacement therapy pills, or HRT pills, are actually chemically modified equine estrogen, manufactured from horse urine.

Unfortunately, for many women who followed this therapy, estradiol and its chemical cousins are intimately related to breast cancer and actually feed cancer cells.

Over the last two decades, innumerable studies have shown that concentrated fish oil can effectively decrease estradiol levels and protect women from breast cancer. In fact, a very large research project, published in the American Journal of epidemiology in 1998, showed that the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in a woman's blood is a good predictor of possible future cancer of the breasts.

The researchers found that the higher the levels of EPA and DHA (the omega 3 fatty acids which are the main components of concentrated fish oil) are relative to the level of omega 6, the lower a woman's chances of getting breast cancer. Specifically, the women with the highest ratio of EPA and DHA had a 35% lower chance of getting breast cancer when compared to the women with the lowest levels.

Furthermore, omega 6 fatty acids are precursors to certain bad eicosanoids, which dramatically increase inflammation in the body. These eicosanoids and the resulting inflammation actually promote cancer tumor growth.

These findings were supported by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson cancer center in Seattle. After following more than 35.000 women who did not have breast cancer, they found that the women taking omega 3 supplements had a 32% lower chance of getting breast cancer.

The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get the protective effects that EPA and DHA have to offer is to take a molecularly distilled, purified fish oil supplement in capsule form every day. The supplement should be made using fish from clean seas and should have an independent certificate of analysis available to the public, attesting to its potency and purity. In this way, inferior and dangerous low-quality products can be avoided.

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