In modern society, teenagers are faced with many challenges which oftentimes can be difficult to overcome. Academic pressures, social pressures, acne and other problems can pile up and can become exacerbated by the hormonal changes taking place during adolescence. Oftentimes, these pressures can lead to conditions such as depression, attention deficit (ADHD), low school performance or social isolation, especially when left untreated.

The first thing that all parents should do is to encourage their teenagers and children to avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners and junk food as much as possible. These can all affect the brain and hormonal system body in very negative ways. A proper, natural diet is the basis of any health program. There is one supplement, however, that can help tremendously: Concentrated fish oil capsules.

They can help in 4 specific ways.

1. School performance. DHA, the most important constituent of concentrated fish oil, is a true brain-food. Brain cells are actually built with DHA. It forms the backbone of their structure. In the developmental years, children and teens need a higher intake of DHA than average. The modern diet does not provide it.

2. ADHD. The inability to concentrate and focus on specific tasks in school is also related to DHA deficiency. In fact, many university studies have shown that symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity can be reduced greatly by taking substantial doses of concentrated fish oil every day.

3. Acne. One of the main causes of acne in teenagers is the hormonal changes taking place in the body. As children reach puberty, their testosterone levels increase. Increased testosterone can be metabolized into DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. This is the substance responsible for the white acne blemishes that appear during puberty and can be such a bother, especially in an adolescent's social life. Concentrated fish oil has been found to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thereby decreasing the severity of acne.

4. Depression. Unfortunately, most of the teenagers today don't get the nutrients they need. Again, DHA can be the culprit. DHA deficiency has been shown over and over again to cause depression in people of all ages, and not just teens.

For all these reasons, it is essential that adolescents and children take concentrated fish oil capsules every day to ensure that they are not deficient in this extremely important nutrient. By ensuring that their kids get enough DHA, parents can be assured that they are giving their teens the best chances of success in the competitive educational and social environment of today.

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