Most people interested in the natural health sciences already know that concentrated fish oil has a lot of health benefits. But with reports of PCB and mercury contamination of several famous products, how does one know which concentrated fish oil products are good?

Here are 4 things to keep in mind.

1. Molecular distillation. Proper omega 3 supplements are made by squeezing fish and then distilling and purifying the oil obtained. This reduces, and in the absolute best products, eliminates PCB and heavy metal contamination.

2. Fishing zones. The fish used as raw material should come from the open ocean, and specifically from areas which are known to be contaminant-free. These areas tend to be in the southern hemisphere, where there's much less industrial pollution and fewer nuclear power plants.

3. DHA content. Most fish oils on the market today have much more EPA than DHA, due to the fact that EPA is much cheaper to buy than DHA. However, many of the benefits of fish oil, especially benefits related to depression, anxiety and ADHD, are actually the result of DHA and not EPA. You should buy the product with the highest percentage of DHA.

4. Independent testing. Regardless of what manufacturers claim for their products, many omega 3 supplements actually contain very little of the active ingredients and excessive levels of toxic substances. With a simple Google search, anyone can find several famous brands which have tested positive for toxic chemicals. A good, honest company which has nothing to hide will spend the money to have its product tested by an independent laboratory and will publish the resulting certificate. It is important to note that every batch should be tested. This is expensive for the manufacturer, but for me, it is an essential component of the product.

In summary, before choosing a brand, you have to make sure the manufacturer isn't trying to rip you off by supplying a low-grade product with very little DHA, a product which is untested, is made from fish sourced in dirty water and has no objective evaluation of its contents. As long as you stick to my recommendations above, you will end up avoiding all the low-quality, inferior products available on the market today, and should get maximum benefits at a cost almost everyone can afford.

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