Competition on the Sales Floor
One of the simplest elements of capitalism is that competition breeds excellence, and this is as true on a sales team as it is anywhere else. An appropriately competitive atmosphere among your sales people can be the key to getting the most out of your staff. The best way to create a competitive atmosphere that rewards initiative and innovation can stem from a Lead Management System like Leads360. Sales managers can set rules and policy in order to ensure that no lead slips through the crack and your best salespeople are being awarded with the leads that they can work the best.
At the core of the importance of a competitive atmosphere in your sales staff is the overriding fact that speed is one of the most important features of a successful sales team. Contacting a lead inside of the first five minutes makes you 22 times more likely to convert that lead in the long run, and this should be the principle that pushes your sales team to get to every lead as quickly as possible. Lead routing can be an essential element in ensuring that every lead gets worked as soon as possible. With a LMS like Leads360, you can tailor your lead routing system to find the way to make sure that no leads are falling through the cracks and your best sales people are getting rewarded with the leads that they are most likely to convert.
Lead routing can also be an essential tool in ensuring that no leads are overlooked or allowed to sit without being contacted for too long. The method and fashion of lead routing can be used not only to put the leads in the hands to the salesperson best suited to closing them based on an array of data collected by the software, but it can also be adjusted to give other members of the sales team a chance to work leads that others don’t immediately address. Traditional systems of lead routing that send leads to sales people without leaving them open to be worked by others can leave leads unworked for a variety of reasons. The automation offered by Leads360 can automatically identify those leads that have initially slipped through the cracks, whether it is because of an oversight by a team member or someone spending time on a call, and automatically return that lead to the pool of available leads so that they still receive adequate attention. What’s more, this offers up the opportunity for the stronger, more enterprising members of your staff to get a hold of more leads that they can work.
There are other ways that a LMS can really help a sales team fine tune the sales atmosphere to reward innovators and go-getters. Sales personnel that see how their efforts will be rewarded are that much more likely to really immerse themselves in getting the best results possible. As such, the process of routing leads and determining which leads go to which sales people can be fine-tuned depending on your industry and sales culture. A LMS can keep specific metrics, recording data on every transaction that will help dig deeper and show where different members of the staff are investing their efforts. In this way, a good sales manager can both reward their best sales people, and they can define success and innovation in more specific ways so that the right traits in the sales personnel can be rewarded.
A LMS can be crucial in building the best atmosphere possible to develop a competitive atmosphere that will give your sales staff the incentive to find new ways to succeed. Through keeping specific metrics and actively promoting lead routing that keeps unworked leads open to being worked, sales managers can build a supportive and competitive culture that ensures that the best workers are rewarded and no lead falls through the cracks.

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