Written right after the author’s experience of another stage of enlightenment experienced on October 2, 2009, while listening to a mantra set to music by Kailash called “Saman Mantra”.

What is compassion? How can we be compassionate? How can we learn to love everyone? Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva of compassion said he would not enter nirvana until everyone awakened until they all reach enlightenment. What do you think he saw in people? How is this possible for such compassion to be possessed? Having learned the truth in this I am going to share it with you now! Have you ever thought that there must be hidden messages in life? Better question, what is life even for? The answer in Zen Buddhism is; life is just another try! Another shot at awakening to the truth, we are all just here to try again, to learn what we missed in the previous lives we lived.

So if that is true, if that is the entire concept of life then why does anything else matter? Why does it matter that we have the best things, the most money, this will never gain our happiness, it only manages to put us farther into ignorance. Life is not permanent, it is flying by at a speed that until you wake up, you cannot fathom. It’s almost over every day one day closer to your end and then you will have to try again. If the only reason for living is to learn to be happy why are we not seeing this? Why are we not striving for this, why are we all messing around with other things like power, wealth, fame and war instead of using the little bit of time you have been given and trying to find everlasting peace and happiness?

Today included awakening to a deeper understanding of life and the true meaning of compassion for others. Zen is to love everyone, it doesn’t matter what anyone has done it doesn’t even matter now! The wind is telling us, “You are almost out of time, wake up!” Even the music of the Dharma is not music at all, it is a message, hidden words that are trying to find their way into your heart and mind to awaken you. The music of the Dharma, chants, and mantras are all the Buddha’s and Bodhisattva’s trying to tell us something, it feels like the music is crying out saying, “Wake up, you don’t have no time left, life is impermanent, it’s not for living forever it’s impermanent and you are dying right now even. From the moment we are born we began to die, that is like saying you have already lost one minute, hurry life will not stop and wait on you to find everlasting peace and happiness”.

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