The right choice of brand name is the basis for the success of your business project. An original, beautiful name that is easy to remember works in several ways. It allows the company to stand out from the competition, is a distinctive sign for potential customers and generally provides a positive brand image. And that's not the final list of benefits.

Successful naming:

  • Contributes to the active promotion of the company and the product being sold.
  • Allows you to reduce the cost of the firm to launch advertising campaigns.
  • Causes interest of the target audience.
  • Emphasizes the merits of the goods and services offered.

Considering the numerous options, do not forget that the name should evoke an emotional response from potential consumers.   

Principles of naming the company

The main principles that should be considered in the process of creating a nym:

  • Conciseness and soundness. The name should not only be clearly pronounced, but also easy to write, preferably even on a transcript.
  • Stylistics. The name reflects the style, the essence of the product or service, as well as the field of activity.
  • Uniqueness. The developed name should not be previously registered and used by any other firm.
  • Visualization. Approved colors, fonts and pictures should be suitable for posting on the website, promotional materials and media.

Ways to come up with a company name

There are several effective ways to come up with a company name. Consider the options below:

  • Personal names, last names of the founders. Often entrepreneurs name a product or company after themselves. There are many successful examples: Ford, Christian Dior, Heinz. And the famous car brand Mercedes got its name from the founder's daughter.
  • Nature. Nature can be a source of inspiration not only for artists and musicians, but also for specialists in naming. It is worth noting that often an animal, plant or natural phenomenon is associated with the properties of a product. For example: "Jaguar" cars, "Puma" sportswear.
  • Mythology. Experts on naming have not ignored mythology, which became one of the most productive sources for brand names. For example, the automobile concern "Mazda" received its name after Ahura Mazda, the Zoroastrian god of life.
  • Name generators. One easy way to come up with a name is to use special services. Generator Turbologo - one of the easiest and most popular name generators on the web. On the page you need to enter a keyword, click the button and choose from a list of suggestions. It is easy and simple!
  • Alliteration. Brand names can be based on alliteration - rhythmic repetitions of similar and homogeneous consonant sounds. Examples of such famous brands as Coca-Cola drink, Sam Samych dumplings, and Chupa-Chups candies on a stick.


Choosing a name for a brand is a step that every entrepreneur has to take sooner or later. Generators can be good tools for finding options, to help choose the right direction. It is worth noting that the brand name should not just like its owner, but also evoke the necessary associations for positioning in the target audience and rely on iconic symbols and established concepts. All this is achieved through appropriate research.

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