“We cannot go on like this!” If this is the phrase that is most common in your relationship, it means that something is wrong. The relationship does not go smoothly, and with each passing day, you realize that you are developing bad habits that make your union sink gradually.

In addition, an individual can always seek relationship coaching because let’s face it – none of us are born perfect and are prone to commit mistakes. However, in order to avoid any considerably costly mistakes, a step towards guidance and mentorship can be invaluable. For instance, David Steele is a remarkable example of a relationship coach who has proven to be effective in helping and guiding couples and singles regarding relationships.

Steele is also the Founder and CEO of Relationship Coaching Institute (RIC) that is committed to helping aspiring professionals who want to build a career in the area of relationship coaching.

With that being said, here are some pointers on the common mistakes you might be committing in your relationship:

 Not giving your partner enough time:

If there is something essential for a relationship to work, you both spend time together. Dedicating a part of the day to friends or family is something completely normal, but you should not neglect your partner. It is important that you find the perfect balance.

Not knowing how to listen:

Communication is integral for a relationship to work properly, but you must understand that communicating is not talking without listening or listening passively. You are an essential part of your life and, therefore, your partner needs your opinion; it is not enough to nod!

Do not make the relationship a priority:

Friends, family, work, and even children can affect the relationship and make it careless. The lower your partner is on the scale of your priorities, the more your relationship will suffer. But the extremes are not good, so you should not neglect yourself. The ideal way is to find a scale that makes you feel important as a couple and individually at the same time.

Complain constantly:

Constructive criticism is a positive aspect not only for a relationship but in general. But, be careful! Because you can go beyond the line of constructive criticism to complain at all times.

Try to change the other:

You don’t have to do what you want! A possessive attitude towards your partner translates into an immense desire to change your behavior. If there is something you have to accept, it is your own personality, without trying to change it.

Evade problems and discussions is that what your relationship is based on? The solution is good communication. Many couples make the serious mistake of pretending that they agree with something when they really are not or decide not to talk about problems to avoid an argument.

This attitude is not good for the relationship, since, as time passes, this will create a hard resentment. The best thing you can do is freely communicate, face problems with maturity, and share your feelings in a respectful way. 

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