As a teacher, it's always important to have a list of rules and expectations for the children to follow in order to have a productive and successful classroom. Expectations are posted on the board under the heading 'Commit to Excellence.'

These expectations don't just apply to students in the classroom. If you commit to following these, you will be guaranteed success in any endeavour you choose to pursue. Not only that, but you will create in yourself an honest, responsible, and passionate person of high integrity.

Be Accountable and Responsible
Step up to the plate and take ownership of your life and actions. Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done,without complaints. Be accountable for your actions and give up the blame game. Develop the ability to choose and respond to situations, don't react.

Be Prepared
Turn up with what you need to be successful. Do your homework, know what you need to get the task done. Be ready for whatever life might throw at you, anticipate the challenges that lie ahead and have a plan of action at the ready. You'll rarely be taken by surprise.

Honesty is the BEST Policy
It doesn't matter what has happened, if you are honest about it, we can work through it and deal with the matter. A lack of honesty always makes things so much worse. Nothing can be fixed nor changed without first being honest about the situation. You want people to have faith in you and to trust your word. You want to have faith in you also and if you lie, the man in the mirror is just not going to like who he sees staring back.

Always Do Your Best
Mediocre effort produces mediocre results. It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. And if you lose sometimes, but you've given it 110%, then you have won! Success is always yours when you give it your all.

Live with Passion
This is my favorite of the bunch, as it means to just let loose and enjoy life to the fullest in all of its delightful aspects. You will be rewarded with so much joy when you just live with excitement, even about the smallest things. Bound out of bed everyday; greet people with love, enthusiasm and excitement; feel your emotions with intensity; put your whole soul into all you do and try new things without restraint. Your energy will be contagious, people and success will just be drawn to you. Life rewards those who live it!

Are you ready to commit to excellence? It's very easy once you post these simple expectations on your wall. Follow them diligently and there is no outcome other than success and happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Caroline Makepeace is an entrepreneur and home business owner. She has travelled extensively throughout the world. Her travels have expanded across 33 countries. She has also lived in Dublin, London, Bangkok, Raleigh, NC and of course her home country Australia.

Caroline is passionate about living life fully and making the most of every moment. Her experiences travelling have provided her with a wealth of knowledge and a deep insight into human interactions and the perfection and magic of this great planet. Caroline strives to assist others to develop the right mindset, strategies and techniques to help them to live their best life and to enjoy the abundant wealth and happiness that this planet offers.

Caroline writes a blog offering advice, comments and strategies on these things which can be found at

She also assists many people to start their own home business and work towards their goals of financial and time freedom. If you would like to know more you can visit

Caroline is married to Craig and they have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Kalyra, who is their greatest spiritual teacher. Kalyra's name is an Australian Aboriginal name which means 'wild and pleasant' This perfectly fits in with the Makepeace approach and belief about life that it is indeed something that is wild (free) and pleasant!