The United States is renowned for its golf courses, and you can take advantage of this on your next vacation. Why not explore one of the best American courses when you take a holiday? If you are enthusiastic about the sport, then a golfing vacation is right for you. America is replete with deluxe golf courses for you to enjoy.

Many resort towns across the United States offer all-inclusive golf holiday packages for those who want to combine their favorite sport and their holiday. Places like Orlando, Las Vegas, Hilton Head, Phoenix, and Myrtle Beach cater to the golf tourist. Expect to be soiled by beautifully manicured greens and luxurious hotels overlooking the courses. If you are unfamiliar with these resorts, here is a little more information about each.

Orlando, Florida is most famous for Disney World and Universal Studios, but the city doesn’t neglect grown-up amusement. There is a plethora of golf courses to choose from. You can have your own fun in the sun while the kids ride the roller coasters. You can golf in Florida at any time of year because of its warm climate. Florida is a great place to escape to in the winter, when your own golf course in covered in snow. Not only Orlando, but Miami, Pensacola, and Naples offer fabulous golf opportunities.

Las Vegas is not only known for its crap tables and slot machines, but also its golf courses overlooking gorgeous mountain vistas. You can golf within the city or outside, but either way you know you will be challenged by complex sandstone bunkers and dry heat. Las Vegas is a great place to improve your games, both golf and blackjack.

Hilton Head, South Carolina is one of two South Carolina resort towns well-known for their golf game. Hilton Head is small, but it boasts over twenty golf courses, as well as its sandy beaches. If you are done golfing and swimming, then visit one of the fascinating historic sites around Hilton Head, like the Palmetto Dunes Plantation or Pinckney Island National Wildlife Preserve.

Phoenix, Arizona is a hot climate made for golf. There are over one hundred courses in Phoenix where you can not only enjoy a great eighteen holes but can also absorb the spectacular local landscapes. Not only can you play golf, but you can also visit the many Native American historical sites and museums in the area and gain an appreciation for America’s native history. Choose a hotel or bed and breakfast that offers a desert view. Be sure to ask about the Phoenix concert series and local places to visit.

Myrtle Beach is an ever-popular resort town for golfers and beach-goers alike. In addition to its miles of magnificent beaches, Myrtle Beach also plays host to over one hundred golf courses. The mild South Carolina climate allows you to golf there year-round. Wear your sunscreen and be prepared to party at night – Myrtle Beach has a booming nightlife.

Travel and golf always make a great combination. Improve your game and enjoy some downtime on your next holiday.

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