Remember that one basic idea—CLUTTER IS POSTPONED DECISIONS®. Now ask yourself if you’ve ever really decided what you want your setting to be. Chances are you have not thought much about this. One client described her frustration at “visiting the banquet of life and feeling stuck in the mashed potatoes — all the stuff holding me down.” Only later did she define an entirely different place on life’s banquet table. She wanted to feel as bright as a bowl of fresh raspberries - rich, tangy and colorful.

When you were a kid, you mostly accepted the setting that was provided for you. When you first lived on your own or with a roommate, you didn’t think much about your surroundings. You were too absorbed in school, work, or socializing to focus on an ideal setting (or maybe your “ideal” environment actually did include socks on the light fixture and empty pizza boxes overflowing in the wastebasket).

Eventually, you had more opportunities to create your own setting. By then maybe you were “too busy to take the time” or “too broke from moving.” So somehow you ended up exactly where you are today. Are you surrounded by things you find useful, beautiful, and that you treasure—or are you surrounded by a blend of inherited cast-offs, family heirlooms, quirky youthful choices, and accidental or impulsive acquisitions?

Today is a perfect time to ask yourself some challenging questions. You don’t need to think deeply about each of these. Pick two or three that trigger instant reactions. Share your thoughts with someone or write them down to read later after you’ve completed your Clutter Campaign.

What setting would encourage you to make the highest and best use of all your skills and talents?

What environment would best support your many roles in life, from parent/spouse to worker to tango dancer?

How and where would you choose to relocate and live if job, family, or money were not a factor?

What setting would most satisfy your spirit?

What setting would offer you the most freedom?

What do you most NOT want in your setting?

What setting would provide the ideal match for your most cherished dreams and directions?

What setting would best display your values (or your valuables)?

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In 1978, Barbara took out a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper to advertise her professional organizer business. For 20 years, she focused her business on organizing paper and physical clutter for home offices and organizations. Then the Internet Age came about, and she utilized her principles and expertise to help clients with digital clutter.

Over the past 40+ years Barbara has helped 1000's of companies, and became an icon and top expert in the industry. She has been featured on national media platforms such as Good Morning America, The Today Show and CNN Nightly News. She has also been showcased in publications including USA Today, New York Times, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Real Simple and Guideposts.

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