Many times a home or office can have a tendency to accumulate negative energy over a period of time. It could be that there were some bad experiences that occurred in the space that were the cause of the lingering bad energy. However, sometimes the feeling of negative energy can occur simply because the space doesn't seem to be your own. This is often the case when you move into a new home or apartment, or when you get a new office or cubicle at work. If you experience a general lack of comfort or even downright uneasiness in your living or work space, it can help to cleanse the area. By doing so, you will rid it of negative energy while also making it conducive to the attraction of positive energy.

The Power of Salt as a Cleansing Agent

Salt has been used for centuries as a purification agent. In the home or office, you can wipe the walls and other hard surfaces with a mild solution made from pure water and sea salt. To cleanse carpeted or upholstered areas that cannot be easily washed, simply sprinkle them with a bit of fine-grained sea salt. Once the area has been cleansed, you can help keep negative energy from returning by placing small containers of salt around the room, or by sprinkling a bit of salt in the room's corners. Salt can also be used as a personal cleansing agent by adding a handful of sea salt to your bath water.

Add Fragrance to the Air

Scenting the air in your living space can also be a great way to clear out the negative energy. Essential herbal oils or incense can be used to accomplish this task. If you'd like to add a healing aura to the room, try scenting it with the clean fresh scent of eucalyptus. Or, if you'd like to clear out negativity while inviting prosperity, try adding a mint fragrance. In the workplace, it's important to consider others in the office before using this method. In fact, some offices have policies that prohibit the use of fragrances. If this is the case, try growing a small mint plant. It won't add enough fragrance to the air to annoy others around you, but its mild scent will still help banish negative energy.

Chase Negative Energy Away with Sound

Sound can also be a powerful tool when used to rid an area of negative energy. The tinkling sound of a wind chime can increase the "yang" energy in a room, which will help push out residual negative energy. A bell can also be used to chase away negative energy. When using a bell, ring it as you enter the room. Then, walk around your room or office in a clockwise fashion, ringing the bell as you go. In the home, you can extend this cleansing ritual by repeating the procedure in every room. It can be helpful to really concentrate on closets, congested areas, hallways and corners, since these are spaces where negative energy tends to accumulate.

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