For all newbie fashionistas finding the perfect false eyelashes can be quite a challenge. In fact, it is harder than one might think. With the increasing popularity in cosmetics and beauty influencers, the game of false eyelashes has gained popularity more than ever. Now, you are more likely to find various lengths, styles, and shapes of false lashes available in the markets and online stores. That said, there is also rising popularity to be found in 3D lashes. As a newbie, you might be confused about the difference between classic and 3D lashes. Read on to learn more so that you can make the best lashes choice for you!

What are the Classic Falsies?

The classic lashes are also known as the standard lashes in the industry. The classic eyelashes are as simple as they sound. Typically, the classic lashes are 5 to 10 mm in length and come fitted with a clear, flexible band. The effect of these lashes is minimal as these are extra lightweight, carrying a delicate volume. Sometimes, the classic lashes can go undetected; therefore, these are ideal for those girls who want to rock a natural look. If you love to go all-natural and classy, then these classic falsies are a must-have item for you.

If you are looking for a refined, classy, and refined sense of style, then the standard classic lashes are your go-to accessory. Classic falsies are perfect for those who want to hide the fact that they are wearing fake lashes. However, if you love drama, attention, and extra volume, 3D falsies are better suited for you. Sounds interesting? Click here for 3D silk lashes.

What are 3D lashes?

3D lashes, also known as faux silk lashes or lux lashes, are the market's latest falsies. These are also the main source of loads of buzz in the world of fashion and beauty. The 3D lashes are absolutely stunning as these are specifically made to embrace luxury, drama, style, and beauty. These are entirely different from their standard counterparts. The 3D lashes' definition suffices in conveying these falsies' ideas as these are three-dimensional in its true effect. The fuzz layered ends of these lashes prevent them from falling flat. Thus, these lashes add to boost the definition and dimension of your eyes.

While staying flat on your eyes, the 3D lashes cause your eyes to stand out and catch everyone’s attention. These lashes generate a fuller lash that doesn’t only curl better but also exhibits a better curled and shaped eyelash. The 3D lashes are also a sure way to stay intact for a longer period. Typically, the layered effect of the 3D lashes is created by combining various lashes of different sizes by mixing them. The combination of short and long lashes generate a voluminous look. The feathery style of the false lashes adds certain glitz and glamor to your face, which is perfect for drama and attention.

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