One crucial life hack to ensure you succeed with your fitness program is to have enough exercise routines in your repertoire to ensure you can workout anytime and anywhere and stick with your routine. Sometimes making noise during your training is not an option. Maybe the kids are sleeping in the other room. Sometimes you need to grab a quick workout in your hotel room in the early morning.

Here, the ever so poignant personal trainer from Buffalo, NY, Christopher Lee, provides an overview of silent exercises that can be done with some alternatives for those who need to make them more or less intense.

Exercise doesn't need to be noisy

If you find it necessary to make loud verbal responses to physical exertion, you're probably not very popular at the gym. No one wants to hear loud groans and grunts from their gym mates. So, just don't do that. It's a poor gym etiquette.

There are other noises associated with exercising that are beyond your control. Some of those are clanky stationary weight machines and the impact of vigorous cardio, like running and jumping. Many other exercises can be done quietly, however.

Some quiet exercises

Low impact, no bounce cardio can be done nearly soundlessly. Even so, it is important to perform these exercises on a solid floor. An upstairs bedroom, apartment, or hotel room are not likely to be suitable for even the tamest of high knees running in place or jump rope routines. Low-impact cardiovascular activities like planking, air squats, and tricep dips can provide much the same effect but can be done quietly.

A set of light free weights with dumbbells and kettlebells would be a good investment for someone that regularly needs to keep the noise down during strength training. Training with these weights on a foam pad or padded carpet will further reduce the noise factor should you drop a weight.

Bodyweight and isometric exercises are ideal for the noise conscience health nut. Crunches or pull-ups using a doorway bar can build strength in near silence.

The tried and true calisthenics routine may be the answer for you. Push-ups, sit-ups, trunk twists, and chin-ups can be done quietly, and they provide many of the same health benefits as their more noisy cousins, weight machines, and high-intensity cardio. Even the bane of your high school existence, the jumping jack, can be nearly noiseless if done on a solid surface.

How to add intensity to your silent workout

An excellent way to intensify any exercise is to add weight. Try bodyweight exercises with more than your body weight. Depending on the activity, you can hold free weights or strategically place weight on your body to increase resistance.

You can also try combining two quiet routines to create a more intense workout. Combine weight lifting to your burpee regimen to turn up the heat.

Add meditation to your fitness routine

Now that you are going silent consider adding an element of meditation to your routine. The silence you have created will provide space for deep thought and intentional focus. Many fitness enthusiasts find meditation an essential component to their overall health and fitness quest.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a passionate fitness trainer from Buffalo, New York that specializes in workout plans that help his clients look and feel more athletic while avoiding injury. Lee impresses a healthy diet and lifestyle so clients can fuel adequately to boost their workouts and reach their fitness goals. His exercise programs and training sessions are custom-designed to help build strength and agility.

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