Top network marketing companies are a dime a dozen. Just as the failure rate is high among MLM distributors, it's almost just as frightening among network marketing companies.

Many companies come and go every month. This is just another grey area which clouds the reputation of the industry and why many will simply not be interested when they come across someone trying to pitch them their offer.

Achieving success in the business is tough enough without wondering whether your company is still going to be there in six months to a year.

Yes, we hear of the amazing stories of how some got in early and made a fortune with a start up company which then went on to become a powerhouse among the top network marketing companies around the world.

Be warned though, these are few and far between and in this article, we'll highlight some important aspects to consider when choosing a company to join.

Choosing A Top Network Marketing Company

MLM companies are no different to traditional businessess; surviving the first five years is crucial. The sad aspect is, start up companies which are here today and gone tomorrow don't learn by the mistakes made by their predecessors.

You as a potential distributor can quickly qualify a company with the following points:

- Is the company offering a product which is similar to other companies? If so, what makes their product better? Have they come up with a new angle or found an attractive improvement to what's already being produced?

- How old is the company? If they are just starting off then be very careful. If they have been around for at least five years and showing steady growth then they come under consideration.

- Have a look at the management structure of a new company. How solid is it? More importantly, do they have the financial resources to survive the initial start up period and settling in phase? This is so important because the reason why many companies go under is a lack of capital.

- Who is running the company? We mentioned the management structure and this is another vital area. If those at the top of the company management system are proven in the industry such as having had success with other top network marketing companies, then this is a definite plus.

- If you are joining the industry to build a very large income then joining network markeing companies which has been around for 20,30 or 40 years may not be a good option. Sure, these are great companies but they have experienced their major growth boom and it would be difficult to experience fast personal business growth within such a structure.

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