The end of the year is a very powerful time. And one that presents some unique opportunities and challenges. Along with “holiday” pressures, we must also contend with the natural shifting of “energy” that comes as we approach the close of the year. As one creative cycle ends and another begins – as it does with the turn of our calendar year – the larger energies that move us forward will need to rearrange themselves. There will be a necessary shifting of momentum. And while this momentum shift can be a bit disconcerting, it’s also a key opportunity to choose what we wish to empower in the new year.


To get a better feel for this energy “cycle” and year-end momentum shift, just recall the movement of the ocean waves as they break and roll out upon the beach. As one wave extends out to its farthest point upon the sand, the waters pause … and begin to draw back and “gather in” slowly to form the next wave. So at the end of every power cycle – and at the end of our calendar year – we can expect a pause and a “pulling back” ... a lull as the power gathers up for the next launch forward.

In our personal lives, we can experience this break in momentum with a bit of anxiety. Unfortunately, our culture would tell us that if we’re not constantly moving forward we’re falling behind. We don’t like feeling “stalled” or disengaged. And because of the large scope of this annual cycle, when these larger energies do seemingly stall, it can feel as though we’ve lost our focus or our direction: like the wind is no longer filling our sails.

So we may experience a “dip” in our energy level as we enter this year-end cycle. It can even feel as though we are unsupported or disempowered … when, in fact, the energy that had been carrying us forward is now simply re-gathering for a fresh, new push ahead. So, this time requires of us some appreciation and patience with this “position” in the cycle.


Not coincidentally, this end-of-year pause also gives us an important opportunity to see and determine what we want to carry forward into this new cycle. And it’s only this particular position in the cycle that affords us this clear and timely view.

To illustrate, let’s return for a moment to our “wave” model. Again, as the wave ends and the tide recedes, the water in front of the new wave becomes very shallow. As the water draws in to form that next wave, the sea-floor is revealed.

In this same way, as our energy ebbs and draws back ahead of the new year, we are able – or are forced – to see and reconsider the underlying “material” that we are bringing with us into that new year. With our momentum stalled, our attention is drawn to those patterns and beliefs that have lain beneath the surface, as it were.

And for those of us who wish to move and create consciously in our lives, this is a very important opportunity. Why? Because we create not only with our intentions, but also with our "beliefs," whether or not we’re aware of these underlying beliefs. Power is neutral. When our wave moves forward, it brings “everything” with it (… including that old seaweed and assorted debris that lie hidden).

This pause, therefore, gives us a chance to see and clear out those old limiting beliefs (about ourselves or about the world) that would stand in the way of our intentions for the new year.

So, for example, we may have a very deliberate and conscious intention to create greater wealth or love in the new year. But we may also have an underlying pattern or wounded belief that says “I’m not really worthy of wealth and love.” And since our intention and our belief are in contradiction – and since both are empowered – they will tend to cancel each other out. Even though this wounded belief is not true – and it’s certainly not true, it’s just the “debris” from an early trauma – the new wave will drive it forward along with everything else.


Consequently, during this preparatory “pause” before the next wave, we have the opportunity – and we should expect – to see these “uncomfortable” patterns and self-limiting beliefs come to the surface. Like the receding wave uncovering the sea-floor, as our momentum draws back at year-end, these old underlying fears or wounded beliefs will be revealed to us.

Now, without the appreciation for this cycle, this surfacing of our fears and wounding can be a bit alarming. But in fact, while this “material” is unpleasant, it presents itself not to invalidate us, but so that we can clear it away. We’re made aware of it so that as we move forward – as the power gathers for the next wave – we do not carry this material forward with us.

What kind of “material” are we likely to encounter during this end-of-cycle clearing? Old patterns of struggle. Old attachments to pain. Feelings of unworthiness or powerlessness. Perfectionism (the belief that we’re never doing enough or that there’s no room for mistakes). Since we want to create greater joy, abundance, love, and wholeness in the new year, those patterns that contradict or limit these creations may surface at this time to be removed.


Now, since these are “wounded” beliefs and patterns – since we formed these beliefs in response to a past experience that overwhelmed or seemed to invalidate us – when they come up for clearing they will probably have an emotional “charge” to them. Again, we won’t be “pleased” to see this material. So we must be prepared for this.

The best “position” to take is to consider this period a time for “weeding out.” This material, these wounded beliefs, are weeds. And, no, we don’t like weeds. But that’s all they are. We don’t flee from weeds. We’re not afraid of them.

What do we do with weeds? We pull and discard them. Or we avoid feeding them so that the desired plants grow and “crowd out” the weeds. In other words, as these wounded beliefs surface, we don’t want to nourish them by “identifying” with them.

And we don’t want to let that emotional “charge” persuade us that these wounded feelings or beliefs are true or threatening or permanent. They’re not. They’re just weeds. And since they’re not true, if we don’t feed these fears or self-limiting beliefs they will shrivel and die.


So if you’re feeling some confusion, unease, or even distress during this period, don’t despair. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. And as these fears and wounded patterns surface, know they are not true … and they are not you. They’re just those stray bits of refuse that have been carried along from past waves. And as these bits rise to the surface, you get to skim them off ... so that you can move forward more powerfully and clearly upon that next wave of the new year.

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Rob Brookler is the founder and creator of the Meditations2Go® guided audio meditation collections and the website. The Meditations2Go® audio meditation CDs and MP3 downloads, meditation FAQs, and original articles – available at – are drawn directly from the popular classes in meditation and spiritual principles Mr. Brookler has taught for the past 27 years in the Southern California area.