Fitting out a large office involves a lot of thought. It is a space where a number of people are going to be spending the vast majority of the day, so the smallest details can make all the difference. Simple things like the choice of carpets and paint job make a big difference to people’s experience of your office.

Office partitioning can easily be overlooked but it is an important part of your office layout, this is used between cubicles and provides workers with privacy and their own personal space. As well as giving your office a professional appearance, partitioning can have a big effect on your productivity.

Office partitioning comes in all different sizes and a range of materials, anything really from cloth to glass or wood. Your choice of material will be an individual decision but you should also go for a material that compliments the layout and décor of your office space. Glass is great for keeping a light and open feel, but if you want to be able to move your partitions around you will need something more durable. You might want to think about any staffing changes you anticipate, are you going to need to move the partitioning in a few months? I have even seen wheeled partitions, which are about as mobile as it comes!

Think also about how high you want your partitions to be. While there are many colours and materials available, partitions only tend to come in 3 heights. In an office environment half height partitions are the most popular. It offers a pleasant compromise between a private environment and an open office. Seated you are in your own space, standing you can communicate easily with colleagues. This open communication is helpful to the atmosphere of your office. A full height partition on the other hand will give you a completely private space, ideal if you are looking for something quieter and more separate. Reaching from office floor to ceiling this is effectively a wall. This will be helpful in creating individual offices. The third option is known as an accordion style partition. They look like a full height partition but fold out easily for access. This is a very mobile option.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable office partition for your particular area, it might even be worth consulting an expert. Talking to an office designer about your budget and what you want can be helpful. This is the most important thing, creating a comfortable working area that maximizes functionality, whilst also looking good!

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Sarah Haines has a lot of interest in the office environment and the way office furniture and partitioning etc effect that environment.

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