To make your image stylish, modern and feminine, consider the following recommendations when choosing clothes objectively evaluate the parameters of your figure. If you are overweight, consider it when choosing clothes. So, you should clearly understand that tight fitting clothing only place accents on problem areas. You should not choose clothes with a huge amount of different decor. This will make the image heavier.

You should not choose models of dresses that are narrowed down. This will give your figure an even more rounded shape.

To profitably emphasize the figure, your wardrobe should have the following elements

Slimming underwear, this will help you hide figure flaws in just a few minutes. Bright accessories that can divert attention to themselves, making the image more vivid and a perfect example is a light scarf of bright color. V neck clothing, deep cleavage can also divert attention from problem areas, making the image more feminine and sexy. To know more about plus size clothing, seek help online.

Blouses and sweaters with bright (contrasting with the main fabric) inserts on the sides. This will help to highlight the waist, making the silhouette more subtle.

The choice of clothing, taking into account the features of the figure

Pants should be chosen depending on the features of the figure. The main thing, as mentioned above, is to objectively evaluate the figure flaws. For example, if you cannot boast of long legs, it is better to abandon the shortened models. Pay attention to uniformly wide trousers. This will avoid unnecessary accents, making the silhouette more uniform. Over the internet you can always choose to buy the cheap plus size dresses.

Selecting clothes according to clothes

Women's clothing of large sizes should be selected taking into account what type of shoes a girl prefers. Experts advise not to choose shoes without a heel. It helps to visually lengthen the legs, making them more slender. But too high a heel should not be chosen, because walking in such shoes will be quite uncomfortable for lush girls.

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