This is the seventh in a series of eight articles based on The Eight Principles of Inner Peace as channeled by the Light Collective through renowned intuitive Kathryn Harwig. These principles are simple, yet profound, and apply to all beings in the cosmos. The essence of all eight principles is inner peace, and personal empowerment - the powerful ability of humans to create the world of their choosing.

Principle Six tells us there are two basic emotions – love & fear. Principle Seven tells us to Choose Love. The Light Collective explains why we should choose love: “Love is a more efficient tool. Not because it is good, not because God wants you to love, it is because it is efficient and more likely to create what you have thought. It is a scientific principle.”

The most important thing about choosing love is the word “choose”. You have control of your emotions. Every emotion is your choice. Every one.

We learn from the Light Collective that even in the most extreme cases we have a choice of acting out of fear or love: “But then you will say to us “Light Collective, if I am seeing a car heading toward me, and I feel fear, is that a choice?” And we would say to you “Yes it is a choice after approximately one or two of your seconds.” First you would feel a fear, and this would perhaps be an emotion of startleness, and you would not be able to think. Fear will stop you from thinking, but we assure you that in short order you will think, for you cannot not think. And when you do you have a choice of feeling a fear based emotion which would be “I am going to be hit by a car and I am so afraid” or a love based emotion which is “I am going to be hit by a car and I should get out of the way, and it would be good for me to do so.”

Sometimes it’s not clear whether an emotion we are feeling is love based or fear based. In order to determine which it is, we may have to ask ourselves why we are feeling that emotion. For example, let’s say you want to compete in a race. Is feeling competitive a love based or a fear based emotion? It depends. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to compete? Is it because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do as well as the others and I’m trying to prove myself?” If so, you are feeling fear. “Or is it because I have a strong body and wish to do the very best that I can?” If so, you are feeling love.

How you define things becomes your reality. It is very tempting as human beings to judge things as good or bad, right or wrong. Things are not good or bad – things are fear or love. The world will make more sense to you if you stop seeing situations and people as “good or bad,” and start recognizing them as fear based or love based. When you are tempted to judge ask, “Will this aid me to judge, or will it aid me to accept what is?”

“Any and all situations you can say to yourself, ”What emotion, what action can I take which will enhance my joy? You have come into this society everyone of you, with the capability of joy, and it is your primary mission to live in a joyful state because as you live in a joyful state, all others can emulate you. Joy and love are the solution to your planet’s woes.” -The Light Collective

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Dorothy Lee - an author, educator, speaker and trainer - is the founding Director of “Spiritual Insights,” an educational cooperative whose sole purpose is to help spiritual seekers live in joy through inner peace and personal empowerment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Guidance & Counseling, and has completed post-graduate work in Psychology. A retired teacher, she is now a presenter at conferences throughout the country, including the Edge Life Expos. She is the author of Invest In Joy and The 8 Principles to Inner Peace. Visit Contact her at:, or call 763-497-0549.