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In many divorces, decisions about where children live and how they are raised are contentious issues. While the terms "child custody" and "visitation" are still widely used, Illinois law was developed to refer to these terms as "decision-making authority".

In many states, shared parental responsibility has been the default option in family court. On the other hand, Illinois declined to follow suit, allowing one parent to make all of the decisions and prohibiting the other from visiting. As a result, divorcing parents have two options: negotiate a joint paternity arrangement or engage in a contentious custody battle.

Arami Law is committed to safeguarding the protection of your parental rights. Child Custody Attorney Chicago, Illinois, is working on a plan that will benefit both sides if a negotiated agreement can be reached. On the other hand, if your spouse tries to damage your relationship with your children, we will fight back hard.

In the past, the term "care" referred to the specific rights and obligations of a parent or guardian towards a child. Custody and visitation were the options for divorced spouses under the old terminology. These responsibilities are now outlined in a parenting plan that includes:

● The child's living situation
● How much time will the child spend with each of his parents?
● How are the child's information and records shared with all parents?
● Transport regulations for parental leave

Whether the divorce is amicable or uncontested, the parties can use mediation to resolve small issues or develop their parenting plan. Most parental responsibilities normally transfer to the primary caregiver, usually the mother, if the matter goes to court. The other parent is frequently required to pay child support to the primary caregiver in these situations.

Parental leave, also called visitation, is generally granted to the parent who does not have custody (the person with whom the child does not live most of the time). Unfortunately, when an ex-spouse tries to disrupt parental leave or alienate the child's other parent, the difficulties persist long after the divorce. For example, if a parent wishes or is forced to leave the child's existing address, agreed parenting plans may be jeopardized. In other circumstances, parental responsibility may be delegated to a third party, usually a grandmother, if neither parent can do so. At Arami Law, Child Custody Attorney Chicago, Illinois, has lots of expertise in this domain.
If a parent wants or has to move out of the child's current address, issues with established parenting plans may arise. In other circumstances, parental responsibility may be delegated to a third party, usually a grandmother, if neither parent can do so. Our firm has already addressed each of these situations, and Child Custody Attorney Chicago, Illinois, can explain your options and rights based on your particular situation.


Nothing can replace the time you spend with your children, and it is worth fighting for your parental rights. At Arami Law, the trusted Child Custody Attorney Chicago, Illinois, has the experience and determination to create a reasonable parenting plan and the persistence to win in court if necessary. To schedule a consultation at our Chicago office, call 312-112-1399 or complete our simple online form.

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